Why have these groups – Jews, blacks and the poor – continued to support liberals and Democrats for the last 50 or more years while no benefits to them have been realized? Why is it that these three groups seem to be in the same boat continuously?

These groups have all the characteristics of women who are abused, ignored and taken for granted. I am not talking about the kind of woman who knows she is in a bad relationship and refuses to take the steps to get out – I am talking about that abused woman who does not accept or recognize she is being abused. This kind of self-imposed blindness is the worst kind of abuse any individual or group can exhibit. This is the situation in which Jews, blacks and the poor find themselves all over this nation where politics and policies are concerned.

I am not saying that conservatives and Republicans have not ignored this trio, but allegiance from these groups has never leaned toward Republicans. So we must ask the question: If a group of people will never support you in large numbers, why spend time and money to win them? At the same time, we must ask, why would you spend time or money on a group when you know they will support you regardless of what you say or do to them? Don’t you agree that this trio sounds like one of the worst abused and misused groups in our populace? Don’t you agree that maybe we should try and help this trio open their eyes to the misuse they refuse to see? I know that it may sound like an impossible task, but overcoming impossible tasks is one of the main reasons this country is so great!

I grew up in the state of Alabama as a member of the poor, black culture. It seemed that the very best I could expect for many years was hand-me-downs from whites, with little expectation for me in terms of achievement. In our community, we were so poor that if we walked to the back porch and threw our dog a bone, he would have to call a fair catch to keep from being trampled by the neighbors going after the same bone! Yet as long as I can remember growing up, all the people in our community voted Democratic. You know, the same Democrats that gave us all the Jim Crow laws, the same Democrats that gave us separate but equal, the same Democrats that gave us second-class education and the illusion of integration.

Being black myself I can say things others are afraid to say. Many poor black women especially have learned that with the Democrats they only need to learn to lie on their backs and sleep with four or five different men and breed like roaches. Their votes go only to those who will give them a welfare check for each child so they can stay home and complain about how unfair life is to them. Back when I was growing up it was “I’m black and I’m proud”; today it’s “I’m black and you owe me.”

What about the black family itself in the last 50 years or so? Under the Democratic leadership we have re-elected term after term, we see the husbands and fathers being absent and unsupportive of their wives and children. We see mothers and wives ending up raising their children alone because liberals and Democrats have voted policies that make it more financially advantageous for them to be alone than keep the black family together as a unit. Don’t get me wrong – there are always exceptions, but I am talking about the norm here.

Just look at the black youth coming out of these one-parent homes and the level of disrespect they have for authority. We have a crisis with our youth, and our prisons are mostly filled with black inmates. Why is that, you may ask. It is because they are guilty of disrespecting the law with most of their crimes being black on black. Do you know that the majority of black prisoners are from homes without fathers? However, there are exceptions to this disastrous failure of single-parent homes. In fact, I am one of those exceptions. I just want you to know my mother raised me alone with my grandparents’ help and with an iron hand and did not put up with me disrespecting them or any other adult. I was told once by my mother when I was getting a little belligerent that if I did not apologize she would knock me into the middle of next week. I did not fully understand what she said, but I feared it and apologized. I guess I should also tell you that my authority to speak on this situation stems from the fact that my father died in prison.

Responsibility must fall on black parents of both two-parent homes and single-parent homes. All of the behavioral negatives can be overcome if our black race will wake up and see what voting for liberals and Democrats is doing to us. The social programs they promote and that we desire are not helping the black family, but are rather effectively destroying us as a people.

Let’s look at the Jewish people. Why do they almost overwhelmingly vote for liberals and Democrats who by and large are the ones who do not support Israel? Since I am not Jewish, I am going to depend heavily on the wisdom of my close friend and fellow warrior, Rabbi Daniel Lapin. In his book “America’s Real War,” Rabbi Lapin states, “Liberalism is the eternal search for ‘liberation’ from God’s seemingly restrictive rules. There are those who will always seek – or if necessary, create the escape hatch through which those who find God’s rules too limiting can flee. Liberalism, under many different names, has always found eager converts and is a very strong lure of the devils.” Furthermore, Rabbi Lapin believes that Jews tend to be liberal because they have been persecuted for so long they choose to empathize with other downtrodden people. He writes, “They assume liberalism to be a kinder, gentler philosophy than conservatism. This leads to a feeling of moral superiority.”

Along these same lines, I have to ask what has happened to the traditional black church that seems to have lost its saltiness. Like absentee fathers, have they lost their sense of responsibility to be an example? As with Rabbi Lapin’s summation of the Jews, have the black church leaders decided God’s rules are too restrictive? Is that why black pastors are sleeping with more women inside the church than other men are outside the church? No wonder the youth have lost respect for their leaders.

There are those who think Rabbi Lapin and I are a couple of old albatrosses who long for the good ole days. Well, I remember those days when God’s Word was taken seriously and we were a lot better off. I remember when we believed, “You don’t work, you don’t eat” (welfare recipients would be required to work for their check) and, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” There is no manifestation of bad behavior that two loving parents with a stick can’t eliminate from a child!

Going back to the good ole days would mean that if your family member went to jail, instead of the state taking care of him, you would be required to provide his food, do his laundry and pay all the costs to incarcerate him.

If we don’t go back to the good ole days, then Jews, blacks and the poor – well, we’ll stay in the same boat.

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