Slick did it again. He pulled a fast one on Americans.

Obama cruised the country – or at least part of it – in his classy, expensive, custom bus.

How he gets away with calling that “Darth Vader on wheels” a bus is beyond me! It’s an armored luxury liner on wheels and with tinted glass.

No fair for average folks to be able to peek in.

But hey, it was a bus and all part of Obama’s shtick of trying to present himself as “just one of the people.”

He wants us to believe he’s just like any of us. You know the scenario: born in modest circumstances of modest parents, raised lower or middle class. And, of course, he’s black so he “knows” discrimination.

If he didn’t keep up that façade, how would any of the brain-dead voters who support him buy his repetitive insults of millionaires and billionaires, corporate jet owners and oil companies?

Given that, it wouldn’t be kosher for him to hit the campaign trail by plane, so he hit the road like average folks do – sort of – and took the bus for three days in Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa.

But it wasn’t just any bus. There were two, custom built (in Canada) vehicles, costing taxpayers an estimated $1 million-plus each.

In all, there were some 40 vehicles in his motorcade as they wended their way thru “average” towns to talk to “average” folks.

Through it all, the administration claimed it was not campaigning but that it was “a listening tour” to help the president form his plan to solve the economic problems of the country.

Under that rationale, the taxpayers picked up the bill.

Through it all, no doubt Slick was looking forward to his next trip right after getting back to D.C. It was another vacation – 10 days on Martha’s Vineyard and he had other plans for getting there.

Riding a bus – even the “Vader-mobile” – wasn’t part of that scenario even if the ride from Washington to Boston is a lovely trip.

No sooner did Slick get back to D.C., he and the family and the usual entourage packed up and split for Martha’s Vineyard by air. They needed two planes to do it.

Apparently Mrs. Slick was so anxious to get out of town last Thursday that Michelle and the kids and staff and Secret Service left first on a specially designed military jet. She arrived in the early afternoon.

Then, the man who is president made his trip on his presidential jet, arriving in the evening with the family dog, Bo – plus staff, Secret Service and the rest of the entourage politicians require.

Both he and the missus had special motorcades to get them to their plush vacation estate.

Pretty nice for the “average guy” from Illinois – or wherever he’s from – and just think, the taxpayers got to foot the bill for the transportation for both of them.

What a treat for them, at a time when the economy threatens to bottom out, unemployment is skyrocketing and the debt the country faces is historic.

What unseemly flaunting of the good life when Americans are being ravaged by economic disasters.

But Slick gets away with it, or at least he has so far. It’s clear, Obama is only a “regular guy” when the image is important to get the votes of people who think what he does is for their benefit.

The truth is Obama is at his best and most comfortable when he’s schmoozing with the upper crust of which he is part because of who and what he is. He loves their company. He fully believes he’s part of them – people with elite educations, high-level powerful jobs, connections and money.

Sounds just like him – except, of course, he’s a poseur. He’s not really one of them, even though he has accumulated money. He skated though elite colleges and universities and a cushy job and then to the highest levels of politics. Despite that, the truth is, he’s accepted so fully only because he’s been elected president and of course – and especially – because he’s black.

He goes with ease from a bus listening tour to an upper-class vacation at an elegant estate on a resort island that caters to the elite. He sees nothing untoward about doing that because he believes he’s fully deserving of the good life.

He and Mrs. Slick are cut from the same cloth. They’re of the mindset that mixes with the hoi polloi to get what they want but prefer the company of those in the good life. Think Harvey Weinstein multi-million dollar fundraisers. Think private estate and elegant hotel vacations in Hawaii and Spain and Africa and England and France and Ireland and more of Europe and – and, and …

Slick is so intent on success for re-election, he plans to raise $1 billion to clinch the deal.

But his luck may be running out.

This time, while on his beach vacation, he’s kicking sand in the faces of the taxpayers who make his plush presidential life possible while at the same time, they face foreclosures, loss of savings, unemployment, loss of medical care and the specter of inflation, rising taxes and the bankruptcy of the country.

If the polls are any indication, Slick may soon find himself out of a job.

In the opinion of many, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

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