Rep. Maxine Waters, the despiteous Democrat from California, not only thinks tea-party people should go to hell – she has offered to show us the way.

Do tell. First of all, the devil is from hell, so it stands to reason that one of his children would know the way back home.

Her sudden outburst needs to be kept in context of what is actually taking place. Last week she offered feigned, tepid angst, which was supposedly intended to give the public appearance that she, her constituents and the Congressional Black Congress were upset with Obama for not paying attention to black poverty.

[Video of outburst here:]


Now she launches into this tirade directed at the tea party. The problem with her act is that, even as skillfully as Obama plays the race card, he is the president of the United States, not singularly the president of Watts, Detroit, or Chicago’s Southside. He is also the president of Fisher Island, Chevy Chase Village and Jupiter Island as well.

What Waters would like us to overlook is that there are tea-party-minded people in every one of those communities, even if they’re not making a public display of it. There is one more thing she would have us overlook, and that is that she’s pitting American against American. And she is so doing at the behest of this administration.

Waters is a glaring example of the disrespect and contempt the elected have for those on whose backs they ride. Tea-party people are not drawn together on social issues; we are drawn together based on fiscal issues, lower taxes and an abhorrence of a government run by deceit and fiat.

That is what makes her actions so condemnable. The tea party is not a political party as such – we are a movement, an ideology born out of an abusive, tyrannical government that has become indifferent to the needs and interests of the people.

Even more offensive, she was engaging in veiled racial politics. She was playing the “I’m a black woman and I’m not afraid to take on the racist white tea party” card. The problem, as I stated, is that she’s pitting Americans against one another based on race and economics.

The important thing she left out is that the concerns of tea-party people are the precise policies that are most debilitating for those stuck in the poverty mill.

It’s not only poorly performing schools and poorly educated/skilled individuals who happen to be disproportionately black. It’s also the lack of a realistic personal desire to achieve because underachievement and non-achievement are rewarded in our entitlement culture, which gratuitously encourages government dependence. And no population group suffers more from this perverse form of government nihilism than do blacks and Hispanics.

Tea-party people are the people who ride to work together, who talk over the backyard fence together and who attend the same church. We are the trash collector talking to the homeowners while collecting their trash. It is the waitress at the diner talking to the cook and the nurse talking to the mechanic who services her car. It is a casual conversation in the checkout line at our local grocery, Walmart, or Target. In brief, tea-party people are people from every walk of life, joined together by a common concern for fiscal responsibility and a government that is not cognizant of who butters its bread.

There is no justification for politicians to foment animus between people. In reality, the concern of politicians is that if enough of the people understand the failures of those they continue to re-elect, we will cease to be tolerant of them. So they stir discord based on race and class to divert attention away from themselves as they go about failing us for personal gain.

Oh, and one last thing. The next time Waters offers to lead an exhibition of discovery to her father’s homeland, I, for one, hope she stays.

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