Before his 1936 fight with Joe Louis, Germany’s Max Schmeling was watching movies of Louis’ fights. “I sink I see somesing,” Schmeling said. He noticed that Louis had a dangerous habit of lowering his left hand after a jab. Schmeling used that bit of intelligence to knock Louis out in round 12.

Germans are good at “seeing somesing.” After the Normandy invasion, Gen. George Patton’s 3rd Army tanks made a hole and sped through the German lines, even making it to the east side of Moselle River, the last natural defensive barrier before the German homeland. The order came to stop in their tracks. Bewildered, the Americans had no idea why they were ordered to stop, but the Germans quickly figured it out. “We’re not stopping them,” said the German military logic. “The only possible reason they’ve stopped is … they’re out of gas?” Bull’s-eye! That prompted the Germans to quit running and face westward again. They launched a devastating counterattack that became one of the five largest tank battles of all time.

Now it’s my turn to “see somesing.” We’ve had four days of rioting and looting across the U.K., young blacks assailing white people at the Wisconsin State Fair, Philadelphia under curfew while Mayor Michael Nutter excoriates young blacks for disgracing their race, and a few other deeply depressing incidents in America. Human nature teaches us to bewail these outbreaks of outright racial aggression and a violent looters’ uprising. Recent quotes from the U.K. looting orgy: “We’re redistributing the wealth!” “I’m just getting my taxes back.” “We’re showing the police and the rich we can do whatever we want.”

Forgive me, human nature. I choose not to bewail. Instead, I think we’re the luckiest society that ever got such clear wake-up calls slightly before it’s too late.

I can hear them at the town meeting, tearing my hide off in nice, even strips at my upbeat enthusiasm. I can hear the screech-owls clearly: “You say we’re LUCKY to have four days of a communist uprising in the U.K.? You’re all aflutter even though young blacks are physically attacking white people, dragging them out of their cars and beating them?” Correct! You heard me. Why this seemingly incontinent optimism against these symptoms of spreading uncivilized disaster?

Because, you see, it didn’t spread. In the military they say, “The center held.” In aviation they say, “I really kissed the ground after that one.” In medicine they say, “The lump is not malignant; not this time. Sit down and I’ll detail the new lifestyle you’re going to start living today if you want to survive.”

The U.K. riots were met with “riot control” and “police repression” of a form so mild as to supply late-night TV comics for over a week. This was not society smiting those who would challenge its legitimacy. This was a butterfly belching. No bullets, not even rubber bullets. Not even water cannon. In fact, a haughty British woman of high rank in local government said, “In Britain we don’t rule with water cannon. We rule with community consent.”

And still, the riots petered out after four nights. Are you really going to stand there pointing the bony finger of indignation and screaming about a “four-day communist uprising”? Get intelligent. With virtually zero consequences, the rioters went bye-bye in just FOUR DAYS. Likewise, a black attack on whites at the Wisconsin State Fair packed everything needed for all-out racial war. Don’t you dare stand there with that angry frown and berate me for “overlooking black youth wantonly attacking whites just because of their race.” Get out of this conference room. You’re not qualified to be helpful.

Yes, the “pattern” of the Wisconsin State Fair’s black-against-white violence had literally everything needed to trigger racial civil war. But did you see white or black extremists jumping in front of angry mobs in St. Louis, Memphis, Little Rock, you name it, and demanding an immediate march on those “white” or “black” bastards who’ve given us as much as we can take? Nothing of the kind. Thank God, not yet!

If you’re an anti-American itching for incidents to rip this country apart, you’re a very disappointed observer right now. The center has held. For now!

Not many societies get this kind of warning. The verdict is in. The grand design of liberalism has failed. Welfare eats away the gut-work of the soul. Political leaders in all nations must rally together instantly and let the rioters and revolutionaries know the party is over. A free life on the dole must end without ceremony and delay, and the almost forgotten values of the last mid-century must be implanted jack-hammer-fashion into the young.

“Sorry,” the political leaders must say to their non-working furious. “We thought a broad welfare system would incentivize you into a productive life. Sorry, all it did was replace your need for a productive life. It’s over. Not 100 percent. Not by midnight. But it’s over.”

We all see what has to be done. If it’s not done by those of us with decency and discipline, it will be done by barbarians.

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