In 1962, British author Anthony Burgess, who penned the classic “A Clockwork Orange,” published a lesser-known work entitled “The Wanting Seed,” another dystopian novel. This nightmare of fictionalized sociological development portrayed a nation in which religion was turned on its head in order to serve the State, homosexuality was encouraged as a population-control measure, heterosexuals were persecuted, and citizens were policed by brutal homosexuals who wore Gestapo-style uniforms and black lipstick.

I am personally opposed to the persecution of people who practice homosexuality, but neither do I believe they ought to be allowed to dictate the moral agenda in America, which some are definitely attempting to do, with the aid of the press and entertainment industry. It is also important to acknowledge that the political forces driving so-called “gay rights” causes don’t give a rat’s fanny about the civil rights of people who practice homosexuality; their overtures are simply more efforts to culturally balkanize America.

That said, one of the key arguments espoused by activists in this area maintains that those who possess traditional values suffer from an irrational fear of homosexuals – so let’s examine that claim.

The vernacular most commonly employed against these folks – homophobe – even carries the lexemic suffix of the word fear (“phobe”). It is the equivalent of sandbox intimidation, calling someone a “scaredy-cat” to elicit a predetermined behavior. It also places the onus of legitimizing one’s position squarely on the alleged homophobe rather than the practicing homosexual.

Clever, that …

A campaign has commenced on some of the major social networking sites to target and harass those who oppose homosexuals dictating the moral agenda in America, as well as people with whom they associate. This phenomenon has become very vicious and involves activities that are probably criminal in nature, if not by statute.

The victims in these cases are people who are, like anyone else, expressing their opinions, beliefs and convictions within their own networks. Unfortunately, unless one is judicious with his privacy settings on these sites, zealots of varying persuasions are able to view the aforementioned opinions, beliefs and convictions.

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Several pages on Facebook run by these homofascist operatives have compiled information on specific individuals. Their principals not only post scathing screeds about said “homophobes,” but they have gone as far as to contact their friends, family members, employers and clients. They have disseminated information about these “offenders” on those pages, for the express purpose of making the lives of these people as unpleasant as possible. Some have even lost their jobs as a result of employer retaliation by bosses who are “sympathetic to the cause.” It will probably not surprise that these militant homosexuals have a decidedly anti-Christian bent and that the majority of their targets are those of that faith. “Christer” is the salacious invective used on one page, usually with an even more insulting descriptor preceding.

I received a verbal then a written warning even after I removed my place of employment from my Facebook profile. They even admitted to my HR manager that they Googled my name and found out where I worked. …

– K.J., Facebook user

Relative to persecution and free speech, of course, liberals are consummate hypocrites, so a definite double standard exists relative to their tolerance of others’ beliefs versus their expectation for tolerance of their own. I have witnessed countless instances of their attacking individuals for such things as merely using the word “God” or quoting the Bible. In their unending proclivity for projection, liberals continually demonstrate that it is they who cannot live and let live.

Conversely, I haven’t seen one instance of people who hold traditional values launching counterintelligence programs against homosexuals. The social networking sites themselves, which have been known to ruthlessly censor those who hold traditional values, are voicing their tacit approval of homofascist stalking by their deafening silence.

They contacted my workplace and harassed the owner, reproducing posts I had written on medical facts about this lifestyle choice. Now, I can no longer comment if I want to keep my job, which I need since my husband is disabled, and lives on SSDI. I feel like I am suffering from post traumatic stress. My stomach is in knots. …

– W.R., Facebook user

Conservative networking sites, such as, have come into being, some as a direct result of the intolerance people have faced from people such as these. There is a principle in play here, however; in theory and intent, what these people are doing is no different than stalking or harassment outside of social networking media. As such, it is probably illegal, but has not been addressed by administrators of these sites.

Journalists and commentators are used to the threats and smear campaigns employed by militant liberals, but this is criminal harassment of lay people simply trying to enjoy a new medium of information exchange. If this were about some teenager bullying another, the networking sites would be all over it, because they don’t want the parents of the next kid who kills himself or herself over bullying to wind up owning a controlling share of their operation.

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