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Breitbart breaks 'no politics' policy on set of 'Courage'

Andrew Breitbart, me, set of “Courage, N.H.,” Riley’s Farm, Aug. 22, 2011

When my friend Jonathan Wilson told me Andrew Breitbart was making his acting debut as the “high sheriff” on the new Colony Bay series, “Courage, N.H.,” I just had to be there. I even volunteered to drive him home from the set where I enjoyed a lively two-hour conversation with Breitbart, who pointed out all my mistakes in my passionate attempt to convert liberals to conservatism. I agreed with his critique. I’m a beginner political activist. Breitbart has been a “news junkie” since age 7 and is himself a relatively new conservative convert.

Jonathan Salisbury, Gary Moore, Breitbart, Jonathan Wilson, Jim Riley

There are an equal amount of liberals and conservatives on the set, so to keep the mood light, there is a good natured “no politics” policy on the show. But, I think the producers knew what they were in for when they cast Andrew. I’d only been there a few minutes when this debate began. I slipped out my Flip Camera and captured most of it. I don’t think this actor knew who he was messing with!

Here’s the “report” Andrew was referring to.

And here are all the other stories Breitbart did on so-called White House transparency.

Speaking of transparency, Andrea at Radio Patriot sent me this today. It’s written by Robert Quinn:

On Sept.14, 2011, inside a Hawaiian Federal Courthouse, Barack Obama’s transparency will be severely tested, due to an historic event which took place on Aug.8.

On that date, Dr.Orly Taitz, a steadfast attorney challenging Obama’s presidential eligibility, previously had a court-ordered subpoena issued and served upon the Hawaiian Health Department director, Dr. Loretta Fuddy, ordering the production of their copy of Obama’s original “Certificate of Live Birth,” along with other pertinent documents for examination by competent authorities as to their authenticity.

The Health Department ignored the subpoena.

On Aug.8, Dr. Taitz met with Health Department officials who refused to release any documents for viewing or analysis, again ignoring the subpoena previously served on them.

If ever an opportunity presented itself for Obama to display transparency this was it, yet, as in all previous instances, he refused to release any documents. Dr. Taitz was now forced to seek assistance, and a federal court has now ordered the Health Department and specifically Dr. Fuddy to appear in court on Sept.14, 2011, to justify ignoring the subpoena.

This is an issue of monumental significance, yet the major media outlets never mentioned it to their viewers and readers. Even Fox News is guilty in this regard.

A few months ago, Hawaiian Gov. Neil Abercrombie publicly stated that he would personally go to the Health Department and secure a copy of the true birth certificate and put this issue to rest. Two weeks later, the governor was forced to admit no copy could be found, only a file with notations of some reported births, including that of a Barack Obama; no original birth certificate, not even a “Certification of Live Birth.”

After I filmed the above video, I asked Breitbart’s permission to post it. He replied, “You know me! All media all the time!” The other actor, Donal Thoms-Cappello, said I could post it. They shook hands at the end of the day. I wonder if Breitbart converted him.