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Will we abide living like Europeans?

It is occurring to several million more Americans each week that one of the surest ways to make people dependent on government is to render them jobless. It is also not escaping their notice that every job lost over the last few years has been in the private sector.

To a lot of their neighbors, however, it still remains incomprehensible that people in government would conspire to bring about economic conditions that would cause untold suffering among tens of millions of their fellow Americans. Neither can they fathom that an American president could stand before them, week after week, essentially play-acting with regard to his efforts on behalf of ameliorating our economic woes, when he was in fact diligently working toward a wholesale collapse of our economy, and thereby society at large.

Such summary dismissal is not only irrational, but profoundly dangerous. Who has been responsible for history’s most heinous atrocities if not people in governments?

What we see transpiring is the most ruthless among us exploiting the fact that Americans have never collectively operated with this sort of ruthlessness. The plot in question is a matter of simple mathematics: In order to maneuver enough Americans into a position of government dependency (thereby securing socialists’ perpetual pre-eminence), a preponderance of citizens must be made financially destitute, or at least substantially dependent on the federal government.

The time is nearly upon us when one of two things will occur. The first is that those heretofore uncomprehending Americans will realize that the Obama administration is part of a faction that has always intended to “prove” that self-governance and capitalism do not work (via sabotaging same), that rendering millions destitute is a key objective toward culminating a decades-long plan. They will fairly suddenly awaken to the fact that they are watching the opposition run the winning Super Bowl touchdown, and that our future as a free nation is at stake.

The second thing that may occur is denial and continued complacency on the part of the electorate. As many who’ve only recently become politically engaged are aware, it is so easy to remain un-engaged. Besides, are people in Europe, whose personal liberties have been usurped, really that bad off? After all, they still make good cars and furniture and stuff. Is attempting to fight a megalithic political machine worth it, when one can sit comfortably and still retain their creature comforts and a modicum of freedom?

I point this out because the wholesale brainwashing and subjugation of the American citizen can be accomplished. As we have seen, even as the socialist engine sputters and chokes, angry British citizens riot in protest against “the rich.” To this day, they don’t see that it is the rich in Parliament who sold them out long ago.

I’ve said before (and rest assured, I’ll say it again) that what American liberalism represents is so odious, so immoral and so manifestly insane that liberals have – in my estimation – essentially forfeited their right to participate in the discussion of public policy. Obviously this is not something that can or should be legislated (although legislation against the implementation of socialistic policies might be sought at some point), but the consideration of liberals’ right to debate is not something that is owed to them on an individual basis. It is a perceived right that they have exploited to pervert legal and societal norms; it is why there is now a pro-homosexual agenda in California schools and mosques instructing in illegal and unconstitutional practices (Shariah law) under our very noses.

Back to the awakening of the masses. As news junkies know, the political rhetoric has become hot and heavy. This has less to do with the beginning of the election cycle than with the resistance Americans have shown toward the left’s policies over the last three years. The evaporation of President Obama’s popular and partisan support and his radical colleagues seeing that touchdown runner about to be tackled have engendered a desperation we have never seen in American politics. What we hear now on a daily basis from politicos and liberal “journalists” is beyond implausible; activists and those in the street have mobilized like never before, and their comportment has been sobering to say the very least.

If the first eventuality I described comes to pass, things will get ugly, because after 100 years of struggle, socialists do not intend to lose, which itself might make the second eventuality look attractive to the more craven among us.

To those who still think they’re liberals, but who have nonetheless concluded that President Obama couldn’t pour beer out of a boot with the instructions printed on its heel, I would ask: Are you really going to continue to yowl about Bush and Cheney and Halliburton as we tumble over the falls? Can you not put aside blind party loyalty and parroted catty quips aimed at Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck long enough to realize that it is an ideology, not a party, that threatens that which we all hold dear?

Because if you really believe that hard-line socialism isn’t about to overtake us, or that it is in fact an appropriate alternative for America, then you’re either deluded, stupid, or evil.

Sorry – there’s no middle ground. Pick one.