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White guilt, black victimhood

I hope he [President Obama] fails.

~ Rush Limbaugh (Inauguration Day, January 2009)

We’ll throw you a bone like affirmative action if you’ll just let us reduce you to your race so we can take moral authority for “helping” you.

~ Shelby Steele

Did white guilt + black victimhood = Obama in ’08? Will white guilt + black victimhood = Obama in ’12? When Rush declared on Inauguration Day 2009, regarding the presidency of Barack Obama, “I hope he fails,” the liberals went wild in a fascist mob frenzy, equating Rush’s statement of affirmation essentially as a racist declaration of treason. What Rush really meant (and liberals fully understood) was that he hoped that President Obama’s policies (i.e., Marxism, socialism, Keynesianism, growing the welfare state exponentially, amnesty for illegal aliens, green energy, oppressive taxes and regulations, war socialism, bowing to dictators, destroying liberty, favoring Muslims, undermining Christianity and turning the Constitution into a suicide pact) would fail.

On Aug. 22, Harvard law professor Randall Kennedy was interviewed on the Tom Ashbrook show. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

KENNEDY: On Inauguration Day, a day when there were some people who did not vote for Barack Obama but who said, you know, this is a wonderful day and, you know, this Inauguration Day we’re all joined together, a lot of people took that position, but you just played someone, pretty important personage, Rush Limbaugh, said on Inauguration Day he hoped the man failed. He wasn’t alone. He wasn’t alone.

ASHBROOK: But I’m sure Rush Limbaugh will say, not because he’s black, Randall Kennedy.

KENNEDY: Of course he will say that. The question is, is that true? And I don’t think it’s just because he’s black – but is blackness one of the ingredients of the opposition in the far right wing of the United States? Yes, it is.

As a former student of professor Kennedy during the same time Barack Obama was at Harvard Law School, I had a profound sense of disappointment after I heard professor Kennedy’s ill-informed remarks. I was disappointed that an academic of Kennedy’s reputation would stoop so low as to regurgitate the liberal propaganda “I hope he fails” as a racialist predicate that Rush wanted the entire country to essentially “go to hell,” to quote Rep. Maxine Waters’ recent comment directed at the entire tea-party movement.

The meaning of Rush’s statement was just the opposite. “Mr. Kennedy, do you want unemployment for blacks to be at Depression levels? Do you want, do you support black unemployment at 51 percent? I do not, and I hoped that that didn’t happen,” Rush said. “Do you support the assault on the American business climate? Do you support the assault on success and achievement in this country? Do you want more of the economic destruction that we have had in the last three years?”

How did America get into this catastrophe called Barack Hussein Obama whose socialist policies have given us zero jobs in August? Endemic education propaganda is the short answer. My long-view theory places the blame directly on our public school establishment’s unholy alliance with socialism, unionism and secularism when the NEA was established in 1857. Two years later Darwin’s evolution propaganda screed was published, “The Origin of Species,” which over time was comprehensively integrated into the public school curriculum, especially science, but also in colleges, universities, law schools, graduate schools, business schools and medical schools. Later, under John Dewey’s influence, education was essentially manipulated to indoctrinate students to accept as ipso facto an anti-Christian, anti-American worldview rooted in Darwinian evolution and materialism, Marxist socialism, Nietzschean atheism, relativism and Freud’s perverse sexual theories.

Tragically, most Americans don’t realize that reason, logic, morality and critical thinking, along with America’s founding Judeo-Christian worldview, were thrown out of what Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes called the “marketplace of ideas,” out of the public schools and written out of college textbooks decades ago. That’s why liberals have been able to propagate their failed, bankrupt policies like education atheism, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the welfare state, pensions, unionism – and the courts and the public falsely believe these policies to be constitutional.

For example, when GOP candidate Gov. Rick Perry calls Social Security a “Ponzi scheme,” a “monstrous lie,” and a “violent” attack on core American values, the propaganda press when ballistic – but Perry was right. I just wish more Republicans would have the guts to attack the Big Lie of any liberal policies that favor stealing money from its owners and giving it to those who didn’t earn it and don’t constitutionally deserve it. However, today a venerated Harvard law professor like Randall Kennedy can regurgitate Rush’s “I hope he fails” statement and twist it to mean the opposite of what Limbaugh meant, and most people will believe Kennedy over Rush still three years later because reason, logic and deduction have been replaced with feelings, envy and race guilt.

In November 2008, when 96 percent of my people were beguiled by Obama’s black skin, slick slogans and welfare rhetoric to vote for a man who utterly despises them, whose Marxist, socialist, Keynesian economic policies traps them at 51 percent unemployment in some big cities (it was 25 percent during the Great Depression) and favors Margaret Sanger’s Black Holocaust policies that aborts them at greater percentages than any other racial group, it reminded me of several columns written by Dr. Thomas Sowell as well as Dr. Shelby Steele’s excellent book, “White Guilt: How Whites and Blacks Together Destroyed the Promises of the Civil Rights Era” (2006). It was white guilt and black victimhood that propelled the white vote for Obama. Rush said, “We can assuage our guilt by voting for a black candidate and proudly telling everybody we did and that sends the signal, ‘We’re not racist,’ and they get rid of their guilt.” In return Obama gives America the resurrection of the fascist FDR, the welfare state and the Great Depression, Part 2.