We are so close to the 10th year beyond the horror that was 9/11 – the destruction of the World Trade Center, the attack on the Pentagon and the downed flight in a field in Shanksville, Pa.

In just six days, Americans will be reminded by media and politicians of what transpired that day, by means of words, sounds and pictures.

Do we really need a list of “talking points” about it so that people will know exactly what to say and how to say it when speaking of 9/11?

It’s time to resist creeping Shariah! ‘Stop the Islamization of America’ tells you how.

Apparently Barack Obama thinks we do, and those lists have been issued.

Do we really need the government to tell us how to speak of the unspeakable of that infamous day in September of 2001?

Apparently Barack Obama and his administration think the American people are so naïve and stupid that they need to be guided along in their reflections and comments about a major attack on our people and our country.

Apparently Barack Obama and his minions believe they know better than the gut reactions of real people concerning an attack on our country and way of life by people who are dedicated to our destruction.

Apparently Barack Obama and his sycophants want to shape history to suit their political beliefs – to lessen the impact on the United States and create the illusion that the world was attacked, not just us – U.S.

What’s not to understand?

Islamist terrorists intent on cutting us off at the knees used four passenger jets as weapons of death.

In all, more than 3,000 people were killed and hundreds of others injured. Beyond the incalculable cost in human lives, property and other damage and losses totaled some $2 trillion.

It all will bring back memories that are fragments in our minds of events critical to our survival as individuals and as a free country. These are memories indelibly imprinted on our psyches and their effect varies with the individual.

You would think, wouldn’t you, that the man who is president would be the leader in reminding Americans of what happened, where and how. Wouldn’t he know who were most closely affected by what happened, who were those killed and injured, and perhaps most importantly, who was responsible for the carnage?

He should also know what we’ve done about it and what more needs to be done.

We may not like thinking about what occurred that day, but just as we say “Remember Pearl Harbor” about Dec. 7, 1941, and “Never again” about the Holocaust, such reminders are critical because the events they relate to are essential components in our freedom and safety as individuals and as a country.

You would think the man who is president would be the leader in reminding Americans of what happened and would make certain we know all the details of that terrible day and their ramifications.

But then, we’re not dealing with a traditional president. Barack Obama does not operate in a manner of patriotism that most Americans expect of a president and, quite frankly, are accustomed to seeing.

We expect the man who is president to put this nation first.

We expect him to honor and revere our history, our present and our future.

We expect him to be aware of our enemies and to make it a priority, for our future and safety, to locate them and wipe them out when they have attacked us and to use all means possible to prevent further incursions on our territory and freedoms.

But expectations are not reality, and the reality of today is quite different.

The man who is president, Barack Obama, has made it an ongoing practice during his term in office to diminish this country, what it stands for, what it has accomplished and its standing among other nations.

Barack Obama is so immersed in his political ideology that he cannot even speak the word “terrorists.” He will not name the enemy, their identity or their goal.

Barack Obama apparently wants us to believe that everyone is a target of some amorphous group that he can’t even call an “enemy.”

The two sets of talking points issued last week by his administration are instructions for officials – those speaking domestically and those to foreign audiences.

Imagine – they’re instructed to “minimize references to al-Qaida” and, since bin Laden is dead, say the threat is “increasingly irrelevant.”

Tell that to our military in Afghanistan.

Imagine – the commemoration of 9/11 is to be presented as honoring the victims of terrorism worldwide.


Here’s how: “We honor all victims of terrorism, in every nation – whether in New York or Nairobi, Bali or Belfast, Mumbai or Manila, or Lahore or London.”

It’s too bad that Obama and his cronies ignore the core source of the terrorism worldwide. But then, why confuse political correctness with facts?

Like it or not, the 9/11 atrocities were deliberate, planned attacks on the United States of America and its people by terrorists who want nothing less than our total destruction.

It’s only fitting that Americans honor that day and those victims and keep that recollection to remind us that we’re not totally safe.

We don’t need a president who seeks to minimize the damage and the threat to suit his apparent goal of appeasing the very enemy who seeks to destroy us.

As they used to say, call a spade a spade. I don’t care what Obama calls it. I call it what it is: Islamist terrorism. For our survival, it must be stopped.

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