Let’s face it, we’ve all written things we thought were important, but at the end of the day, they weren’t important at all. Writers all share a propensity to nurture the ego, and so today we have access to all sorts of narcissistic literary flatulence. Sorry, but it’s there.

Then there are those who devote themselves to what I call “lonely writing.” They write stuff that means something, and it isn’t always popular.

So it was that I was thrilled to be able to interview “Stop the Islamization of America” author Pamela Geller, whose outspoken efforts to warn the rest of us of stealth jihad (and “Atlas Shrugs” blog) lean as far away from narcissism as one can get in publishing. I’ll say this, too: In my world, where books about how religion and politics intersect, Geller’s new book is stunningly fresh.

America remembers 9/11 this week, resolve to resist creeping Shariah in
the U.S. Pamela Geller’s “Stop the Islamization of America” tells you
how – Order your autographed copy now!

We chatted recently, during the run-up to the 9/11 anniversary observances, a strange new date circled on American calendars, thanks to the 19 barbarians who flew into the World Trade Center.

Geller has really put herself out there, sounding the alarm about what Islam has planned for the United States, for our way of life. Her work with another hero, Robert Spencer, is also forward-thinking. Her insights into the dangers that lurk are superb. In particular, listen to her insights into Shariah law (Muslim law that is all-encompassing and suffocating in the extreme):

Writer’s Bloc: How did you arrive at this place of being a sentinel who began to sound the alarm about Shariah law?

Pamela Geller: I began to study and the more I studied, the more I saw that the media was clueless, or complicit, but in any event, they were misleading the American people about not only the imminent threat, but the mid- and long-term threat that Islamic law posed to our freedoms.

WB: It seems that as time goes on, the radicals are making inroads. Do you see this getting better or worse?

Geller: It’s getting worse, because of this ban, this self-enforcing Shariah. Under Shariah, you cannot insult Islam, you cannot criticize Islam, you cannot defame Islam. And so this is what you witness with the media: I mean, they will not criticize Islam or offend Islam. Now, they have no problem offending Christianity or Judaism, so whether they are aware that they are being Shariah-compliant or not, they are! There’s sort of a prohibition on discussing Islamic jihad, Islamic anti-Semitism or Islamic law. There’s no open dialogue.

WB: I remember a couple days after 9/11, when Peter Jennings had a town hall meeting in which he white-washed Islam. It seems like that effort has been underway since then.

Geller: I think it was underway even prior, although I was not aware of it until I started doing this work. Even the day before yesterday, someone sent me the kids’ section, the funnies, of the paper, and the front page was devoted to Ramadan. Can you imagine if anyone did that with Christianity, you know, “Worship Jesus?”

WB: Historical revisionism is alive and well in this arena.

Geller: A few days ago, I was writing a blog and I looked in the encyclopedia – I believe it was from 1969 – and there was a picture of Muhammad, a painting, and he was pictured with the “two symbols of his faith,” a sword and a Koran. This was what was being said in the ’60s. It was of no consequence then. Now, I recently looked in the World Book (2000), and that was well before 9/11, but it is a complete whitewash. And it’s written by a Muslim, and by Karen Armstrong, a notorious apologist for Islam, who wrote this complete fabrication on Muhammad.

I know she has degrees up the wazoo and all these creds – don’t they all – but clearly this was being spread, this propaganda and all the proselytizing, before Sept. 11.

WB: I noticed in the book – and I applaud you for this – you point out that the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, is a huge problem.

Geller: They are a huge problem, and the reason they are a huge problem is because they give [Islam] credibility. Now, instead of being ostracized and being relegated to the very fringe of society, like you would the Ku Klux Klan … they’re the go-to, for the media, for television and newspapers!

In the Holy Land trial, the largest terrorist-funding trial in American history, they [CAIR] were named unindicted co-conspirators, a Muslim Brotherhood front. They are the quintessential stealth jihadists, and because they are given such access to not only the media, but the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense and so on and so forth, this compromises national security in a very serious way.

WB: I think to a large degree, in Middle America, people are fairly engaged with what’s going on, certainly more sophisticated in their thinking than some allege, but what is the thinking back East of the jihadists?

Geller: Anywhere there are liberal strongholds, you are going to see sympathy. Clearly, the Ground Zero mosque is a perfect example. Over 70 percent of the American people are opposed to the mosque, yet the media are doing everything in their power to advance this terrible idea [of allowing the mosque to be built]. Why is the left aligned with the jihadist force? This is a pattern: Leftists always align with whoever the totalitarian ideology is of the day.

It’s shocking to me when sources like CNN [Geller refers to the network as Crescent News Network] call me a crank, yet they shill for Islam. And [Muslims] literally hang gays in Muslim countries under the Shariah. You know, [Iranian President] Ahmadinejad was given a hero’s welcome at Columbia University, and when he was asked about gay rights in Iran, he said, “Oh, we have no gays in Iran.” And the media shills for them; it’s absolutely mind-boggling.

WB: Throughout the book, you show that the jihadists are very consistent in what they are doing. For example, you point out that they are focused on not assimilating, staying pure to what they believe. Too many Americans think assimilation will take care of the problem, but you say that’s not the case.

Geller: No, it’s not. It goes against their ideology. They’re not supposed to assimilate. And this is not every Muslim in America. Many Muslims came to escape the Shariah. But, it seems to me, those Muslims do not have a voice. Who speaks for those Muslims? Throughout the 1,400-year history of Islam, the voices of Islamic leadership, of Islamic law, of Islamic study … are always the Islamic supremacists, because the “secular” don’t have a leg to stand on: Islamic is absolute.

WB: Given the abuse of women in Muslim countries, you point out that Obama and Eric Holder are fairly aggressive promoting the wearing of the headscarf. They seem to be very tuned in to making sure those kinds of things stay in place.

Geller: It’s not even a matter of staying in place, they work to put them in place. They actually filed a lawsuit against a county in New Jersey. The correction facility had refused to allow a hijab [head covering] on an officer. You have to wear the uniform; it’s a facility and you have to wear the uniform. You know, don’t take that job – take a job where you can wear that. So the Department of Justice, Eric Holder, actually sued this county in New Jersey. They’re actively advancing and activating for Islam.

WB: And why would Obama and his advisors be actively promoting it?

Geller: Obama is Islamophilic. And he appointed Holder because he knew he would follow his lead. It’s the president’s administration.

And why is he Islamophilic? Look, he grew up in Indonesia. His school records list his religion as Islam. He doesn’t condemn the Shariah or the misogyny in Islam or the dehumanization and diminishment of women under Islam. I believe he’s favored Islam over all other religions, and that’s why he’s pursuing this.

WB: Well, Pam Geller, we thank you for educating us all with your brave work. It’s been a pleasure.

Geller: And mine as well.

America remembers 9/11 this week, resolve to resist creeping Shariah in
the U.S. Pamela Geller’s “Stop the Islamization of America” tells you
how – Order your autographed copy now!

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