Although they speak to the desperation of liberal leaders (particularly those in Washington), the gargantuan lies and incendiary invective being purveyed by lawmakers like Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., also represent a dangerous abandonment of moral restraint on the part of the left and a genuine threat to domestic tranquility in the short term.

On Aug. 20, Waters, a black congresswoman, told a town-hall meeting that “the tea party can go straight to hell” after thoroughly lambasting the grass-roots group. Last week, Rep. Carson, who is also a prominent member of the Congressional Black Caucus, told a similar gathering that some in Congress and the tea-party movement would love to see blacks “hanging on a tree.”

Grossly overstating elements of racism has been boilerplate fare among liberals and black activists for many years, but what’s occurring done now is being criticized as beyond irresponsible, even by certain liberal pundits.

But is it?

Some have said that words such as those of Waters and Carson border on the rhetoric of those who would like to start a race war. I don’t think it borders on this at all; I believe it is in fact the rhetoric of those who would like to start a race war. As such, it is much more maliciousness than irresponsibility.

The phrase “plans within plans” was employed in Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction novel “Dune.” The reason I occasionally cite books, films and other entertainment media is because they often reflect a society’s worldview. At other times, they are an attempt to shape that worldview.

Americans like films with happy endings, for example, something that is uniquely American (in case you didn’t know). I’ve heard it also disgusts a lot of Europeans, which I think is kind of cool. I believe that this phenomenon speaks to Americans’ widely acknowledged indomitable spirit. There are also billions of spiritual folk who concur that we tend to get more of that upon which we focus. So, keep the happy endings coming, by all means.

But I digress; back to plans within plans.

For years, we’ve seen the machinations of such plans advanced by socialists. Inner plans: Convince us that they advocate for equity and brotherhood, when in fact they’re the most bigoted among us. Assemble all of the stupid, the ugly, the perverted, the lazy, and enroll them into institutionalized resentment and ignorance, then mobilize them politically. Regulate and legislate medicine to the point where health care is so expensive that citizens welcome government intervention. Tax businesses to the point where they cannot afford to pay workers a living wage, nor take sufficient profit to continue operation. Sabotage major markets to stultify the economy in the aggregate, thereby proliferating widespread destitution, fear and anger. The list goes on.

The external plan: A socialist America.

Is there a cabal of black activists meeting with President Obama and high-level administration operatives to orchestrate these occurrences? I can’t say for sure, but as with Cloward-Piven, it certainly would make sense, and we’ve seen that nothing is beneath these people. In the end, it doesn’t much matter, because political operatives know how to interpret signals; many radical factions construed Obama’s election as license to broaden and augment their influence. That process has only progressed, since his administration showed no inclination to condemn nor curtail their actions.

A “race war” arising out of the tension being generated now would be blamed on the nonexistent racism of the tea-party movement, and might serve as a political development deeply desired by the radical left. Whether one speaks of Caesar, the Bolsheviks, or Mao, civil unrest has often been the pretext for militarization, subduing of the population and permanent institution of a new order. This, despite the persistent ignorance of millions of Americans, has been the goal of radicals (such as those currently infesting the White House) for decades.

The fact that all this lies beyond many Americans’ ability to conceptualize hardly matters.

In the meantime, we have much with which we can confirm the intent of the provocative oratory we’ve heard. There’s the Labor Day weekend remarks of Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa, who admonished American workers to “take out” tea-party “son of bitches.” We have criminal members of the New Black Panther Party engaging in paramilitary training. Then there’s “Tea Party Zombies Must Die,” an online game that’s sort of a “Doom 2” meets the Daily Kos. In it, the player can spray buckshot and bullets at such luminaries as Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly, as well as tea-party “trailer trash.” To make it even more fun (and help to dehumanize the political right), there are also anthropomorphized zombie swine thrown in. All of these characters are bent on attacking the peaceful liberal player, of course.

So, listen to the sound bites. Listen to Hoffa, Waters, Carson and the New Black Panther Party. It’s all from the same old-school Marxist playbook. And – as was the conventional wisdom before the left subverted our educational system, the press and other media – it is all working toward an evil end.

You remember evil … don’t you?

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