Ben Kinchlow

Ben Kinchlow, long-time co-host of CBN’s “The 700 Club” television program, author and minister joins WND’s commentary lineup today as an exclusive commentator, offering both text and video.

A video version of each weekly column, featured Mondays, will be included with Kinchlow narrating in his sonorous baritone.

During his work with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Kinchlow hosted the international version of “The 700 Club,” which was seen in more than 80 countries. He is the founder of Americans for Israel and the African American Political Awareness Coalition, and the author of several books.

Kinchlow served 13 years in the Air Force, was recipient of the American Legion Award of Merit and earned a degree in Business Administration. Ordained in the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1971, Kinchlow directed a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at “Christian Farms” in Killeen, Texas, and founded “His Place,” a ministry to teens.

At CBN he served as director of counseling, with oversight of the National Counseling Centers in major cities across the United States. Besides co-hosting with Pat Robertson, Kinchlow served as vice president for Domestic Ministries, with responsibility for all aspects of the Counseling Centers.

After 21 years, Kinchlow left CBN to begin independent ministry. His organization Americans for Israel is dedicated to promoting a mutual understanding of the ancient bond that exists between Christians and Jews and restoring and renewing the traditional ties between the Jewish and African-American communities.

Kinchlow also is founder and CEO of the African American Political Awareness Coalition, an organization designed primarily to encourage African-Americans to cast a vote based on “principle, not party.”

A board member of the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, Kinchlow is the author of several books, including “Plain Bread,” “You Don’t Have To If You Don’t Want To” and his latest release, “Black YellowDogs.” He is married, with three sons and six grandchildren.

Read and watch Kinchlow’s debut weekly commentary, “The trouble with freedom? People.”

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