So, we commemorated the 10th year after the 9/11 attacks on this country that left 3,000 dead, thousands injured and billions in losses.

What did the commemoration mean? What did it accomplish?

There’s no doubt that when the attacks were pulled off on September 11, 2001, American people across the nation were stunned at the enormity of the event, the scope of the damage and the import of the plot.

Clearly, it wasn’t random. It was carefully planned and executed and, while it’s painful to admit it, it went off like clockwork and was a roaring success. Hate-filled vindictiveness turned out just fine.

The militant Islamists, who intended to deeply wound the United States and destroy the twin towers, accomplished their goal.

They didn’t destroy the Pentagon, but they made a good try at it and caused enough damage and loss of life that their failures there (they didn’t destroy the Capitol) hardly mattered.

They plotted against us, used our free system to gain entry to our country and learned how to accomplish the attack.

It was almost as though we gave them a leg up to succeed. In a way, we did.

Now, 10 years later, despite the fact that a number of Islamist plots have been uncovered and prevented, we may not be any safer from those who continue to plot their deadly anger against our country and ultimately, the West.

By the time you read this, we’ll know if there were any attempts of violence against this country on Sept. 11, 2011. Americans were warned last week about credible but unsubstantiated threats against us. We were urged to be on guard – whatever that means.

Would it be New York or Washington or some other major city? Or, perhaps it would be some transit system somewhere or perhaps an airliner or a mall somewhere or, or, or …

Americans were warned again to be aware, observant and alert to suspicious people or activity.

What were we to look for? Someone acting strange, or perhaps we might inject a bit of profiling into our casual sleuthing.

While that would certainly engender the wrath of the libs, leaving them screaming “racism,” the fact of the matter is that the most likely candidate for “culprit” in the next attack would be a Middle-Eastern male of Islamic persuasion.

There, I said it. And if you don’t like it – well, as we used to say in the days when independent thought wasn’t considered seditious: tough!

This is a still a free country. As a citizen, I am able to speak my mind. It’s called freedom of speech.

Then again, “the powers that be” are doing their best to limit that.

In the pervasive, politically correct world we’ve become, the memory of 9/11 has become polluted with “nice.”

We are urged “not to forget,” but what we’re encouraged to remember is a sanitized version of what led to the attack, the truth of what happened that day and what it means in the real world, not the world of politicians who want re-election, and not the world of cowardly or pie-in-the-sky liberals who refuse to see the truth even when it hits them between the eyes – or, in the Twin Towers, as the case may be.

The poster boy for pandering politicians is Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York – who supports building an Islamic mosque across from Ground Zero. He determined that he didn’t want any first responders to attend the ceremonies at Ground Zero, where so many of their own were killed trying to save others.

Apparently, there’s no room at the inn for real heroes.

While Bloomberg is concerned about Muslims, no Christian or other clergy were allowed either, and in Washington, the memorial event was politically selective in which religious clergy were allowed.

No entry for Protestant/Evangelical Christians but a warm welcome for just about everyone else.

On his radio show, Bloomberg said, “It’s a civil ceremony – some people don’t want to go to a religious ceremony with another religion.”

How’s that for “tolerance”? Just because “some” won’t like it, the wishes of the majority are slammed.

Who are these people making these insulting decisions? Where are the gutsy and brave Americans who should stand up against them?

When such travesties are perpetrated against the people and the history of this country in the name of diversity, multiculturalism, political correctness and, quite frankly, pandering to Islam and to the enemies of Western civilization, we need Americans to stand up and say, “NO!”

Stop it! We won’t stand for the insult to the people who risked their lives to save others.

We won’t stand for the perversity of those who pretend Islam is historically part of the history of this country.

We won’t tolerate the continual pandering to groups who intend to destroy us by elected officials who haven’t the courage to stand up for the truth and what made this country great.

As I write, there are warnings about active plots against us with the FBI and police agencies out in force against suspected perpetrators.

They’re even saying the suspects may be American citizens.

So? Since when can’t a native born or naturalized citizen be a traitor?

I hope that by the time you read this, nothing has happened.

But if something has, I’ll tell you now: I believe our attitude since 2001 encouraged it.

If they were successful, it will have been because we’ve become complacent.

We’ve been urged not to be angry or identify the enemy or take real and effective steps to protect ourselves.

It’s an insidious danger, and it will kill us.

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