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Kerry witness now jailed for child porn

Remember the 2004 Democratic National Convention where Capt. Wade Sanders – one of presidential nominee John Kerry’s fellow Swift Boat veterans – introduced Kerry to the convention?

And will you ever forget how Sen. Kerry declared: “I am John Kerry, and I am reporting for duty!”?

Washington’s Weekly Standard remembered this, even if most of the old Big Media were unaware of – or unwilling to report – the following undeniable news:

“Sanders was one of the few – perhaps only – fellow Swift Boat vets to defend Kerry’s questionable war record publicly. … Sanders also had a stellar military record, having been awarded a Silver Star in 1992.”

With that, the Standard went on to report:

“Sanders is currently doing time in a federal penitentiary after admitting to being in possession of child pornography.”

And further:

I commend the Weekly Standard for reporting all this U.S. history pertaining to a U.S. senator who ran for our nation’s highest office. This exposé is ample grounds for rejoicing that Kerry was defeated – as well as national wishes that he would resign from the Senate.