I realize that you probably expected me to comment about Obama’s latest stimulus plan and attempt to raise taxes, which he’s masquerading as a jobs stimulus bill. But, while Obama’s actions were in keeping with his dishonest, socialist, Erebusic, anti-traditional Americanism, there is something else that took place I find even more offensive than Obama – with ultimately darker consequences.

On Sept. 11, there was a public event in New York City commemorating the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our nation. And, as remarkable as it may seem, New York’s Mayor Bloomberg issued the dictate that God wasn’t invited.

Bloomberg refused to allow members of the clergy to play any role in the public memorial service. He also banned all references to faith and prayer. To say that this is an affront is an understatement.

During his years as mayor, Bloomberg has participated in various prayer vigils and services commemorating 9/11. This inexplicable ban on referencing faith and prayer makes it pretty obvious that the mayor’s former appearances of concern and sympathy were fraudulent. Whatever one’s faith might be, is there any time more appropriate than at a commemoration of family and friends murdered on 9/11 to invoke that which brings comfort and/or meaning to those who are bereaved? Is Bloomberg really more concerned for the feelings of a few presumably perturbed atheists than the deeply held religious convictions of most people in this nation? Or, is this all about catering to Muslim discomfort?

It was prayer and faith that not only got New York through the terrorist attacks, but that also helped people recover from the attacks and personal loss. I view it as an insult and affront to those murdered and the survivors of same, when Bloomberg actively supports the very people responsible for the devastation and murder by facilitating the planting of their flag of conquest in the form of a mosque at Ground Zero. Not too mention that they’re the same people calling for the annihilation of Israel, which should be of eminent concern to Bloomberg, but I digress.

If New York were attacked tomorrow, and another 3,000 people were murdered, would he allow prayer then? Would he allow prayer at a public event if a terrorist act murdered 50 people this evening?

The unprovoked murder of 3,000 Americans was unconscionable, and it was a personal insult to the survivor families, and New Yorkers, for Bloomberg and Obama to support the building of a mosque at Ground Zero. This is a display of unbridled contempt for Americans’ traditional faith community. This is a mayor who supports abortion, who supports homosexuality, who supports homosexual marriage, who supports government depriving people of their constitutional rights, who supports socialism in the form of the redistribution of wealth – but when it comes to simple matters of faith and prayer at such a solemn event, he opposes it.

This is not in keeping with the will of the overwhelming majority of New Yorkers. It is a deplorable example of denying surviving families and the community-at-large the liberty of openly giving thanks to God for bringing them through these bitter years.

Shame on Bloomberg for such an act. This is one time I would have encouraged people to do one of two things. The first would have been to host the event at a different time or day and not permit Bloomberg to speak; the other would have been for the participants and attendees to openly defy his edict. Force him to arrest everyone there for publicly praying during the commemoration of the deadliest act of terror in our history.

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