I read an interesting article this week in which Ben Smith concludes that the issue of Democratic state legislator David Weprin’s vote in favor of same-sex marriage was a factor in his defeat in New York’s heavily Democratic 9th Congressional District. In the course of the article, Smith cites, to the contrary, a communication from “the gay groups Human Rights Campaign and Freedom to Marry”:

It’s not surprising that virulently anti-gay groups like the National Organization for Marriage are arguing that the freedom to marry has played some sort of noteworthy role in the Weprin-Turner race for New York’s 9th Congressional District. Whoever wins tonight, marriage equality did not play an influential, even modest, role in the outcome of this special election. What people are focused on are jobs, jobs, and more jobs.

As Smith notes, these groups also point out that the winning GOP candidate, Bob Turner “has downplayed the issue.” A quick look at Turner’s website suggests that this is certainly accurate. It confirms that job creation is Turner’s first priority. It proclaims that he was “happy to receive support” from such notables as Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki, both no less outspoken than Devid Weprin in their support for so-called “gay rights.”

Was Bob Turner’s victory owing to the impact of opposition to Weprin’s gay-marriage vote among Orthodox Jews and conservative Catholics in his district? Smith says that “it seems … fair to suggest that the issue helped on the margins, and in a close race, margins matter.” However that may be, based on his website, I was struck by Bob Turner’s posture of apparently mute indifference toward moral issues like gay marriage and government-sanctioned abortion. (In fact, when he endorsed Turner, Ed Koch claimed that “Bob Turner has the same position with respect to gay marriage as President Obama.”); his emphasis on a narrowly materialistic understanding of economic issues; his support for preserving the bankrupting relics of New Deal socialism; and his cleverly qualified but nonetheless clear commitment to preserve Obamacare. These stands accurately reflect the route to political victory preferred by the GOP wing of the elitist faction presently working to subvert and overthrow from within the institutions of constitutional self-government on which the liberty of the American people depends.

Consider, for instance, the emphasis on job creation. In the political rhetoric they use to gull their conservative base, GOP candidates emphasize their faction’s supposed commitment to limited government and free enterprise. Yet when they pose as job creators and boast (as Rick Perry and others shamelessly do) of their record as job creators, they tacitly embrace the government-focused premise of Democratic New Deal (now Obama-style) socialism. The only jobs politicians can rightly claim to create are the ones they dole out to their cronies and political backers, funded with tax dollars or tax breaks at the expense of the public treasury. If at present their actions have a decisive effect on the overall availability of jobs, it’s because of the socialist stranglehold their politics has inflicted on America’s economic life puts them in a position to regulate financial and other resources that are like the life’s breath of the nation’s economy.

The Bible account of Joseph’s tenure as Pharaoh’s chief minister is instructive in this regard. Blessed with divinely inspired foresight, Joseph instituted policies that gave Pharaoh a virtual monopoly on Egypt’s basic food supply. During the seven-year famine, this monopoly made it possible for Pharaoh to acquire control first of the money; then of the land; and finally of the labor and persons of the Egyptians, making his rulership absolute. Today, we might say that Americans face a “jobs famine” induced by the disruption of available capital instigated in the fall of 2008. Taking advantage of the store of good faith and credit built up by previous generations of Americans, the treacherous elites bent on overthrowing the self-government of the American people have moved to consolidate control of the activities and assets of the people, particularly those elements of the middle class whose skills and enterprise gave them the wherewithal to exert an independent influence in the nation’s political life.

As Pharaoh lured the Egyptian people into slavery by bartering food, so the ostensibly opposing wings of America’s elitist political faction now lure the American people under the yoke of socialist tyranny with promises of jobs, corporate and individual welfare benefits, and legal approval for sexual and other forms of personal irresponsibility. These elitists look forward to the day when the American people are once and for all transformed from citizens of a free republic to subjects of an elitist government under their unchallengeable control. This government will, like the Pharaohs, rule in the place of God on earth, imposing without hope of appeal upon a people lost even to the remembrance of their claim to liberty.

Here we encounter the irony of accepting the pretenses of politicians who pose as “job creators.” A people once free to work for themselves will awaken to find that they work at the beck and call of a controlling elite. A people once freed by their willingness to work for the right, as God gives us to see the right, will awaken to find they no rights left, except to do the bidding of their elitist masters on the socialist slave plantation.

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