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Talk about Ponzi schemes!

There’s been a lot of talk about Ponzi schemes lately.

Try this one on for size.

I got an email from Barack Obama last week.

The subject line said: “Joseph, can we meet for dinner?”


“Supporters like you are the reason I’m here, and the values we share have always made our organization more than just a political campaign,” the letter began.

Not exactly accurate, of course.

Like many, I just signed up to his email list to keep tabs on Obama’s campaign shenanigans. Far from being a supporter, I have done everything in my power to educate the American people about who this man is and was and the dangers he poses to the republic. I think it’s safe to say the values we share could be counted on the fingers of one hand – easily. And his organization has never been more than just a political campaign.

But I digress.

The letter continued: “So whenever I can, I want to take the opportunity to meet you. Last month, that meant I got to talk to folks in Iowa about small-business opportunities, and sit down with a group of volunteers from around the country who helped build this campaign in their communities this summer.”

“Today, I want to ask if you’ll join me and three other supporters for a meal and conversation sometime soon,” he wrote.

Now here comes the punch line: “Please donate $5 or more to be automatically entered for a chance to join me for dinner.”

Keep in mind, I do not refer to Obama as “president.” Can’t bring myself to do that. But he is the “pretender” to that title.

So what this letter means is that Obama is misusing the office of the president to conduct a nationwide raffle or lottery, selling chances to meet with him for $5.

I have to tell you, this is pretty smarmy. I don’t even recall Bill Clinton lowering the office or exploiting the presidency to this extent. Maybe he just didn’t think of it.

Keep in mind, Obama has boasted of his goal of raising an unprecedented $1 billion for his re-election campaign in 2012. He’s going to do it in a multiplicity of ways, as we have seen – from handing out your tax dollars to make-believe “clean energy” businesses in exchange for cash to this ultimate Ponzi scheme that takes advantage of his poorest and dumbest constituency.

He’s like one of those shady TV evangelists selling trinkets that will make your prayers come true.

He’s like an old-fashioned snake oil salesman.

He’s not just selling nights in the Lincoln bedroom, he’s selling dinners at Denny’s at the equivalent of $1 million a pop.

I thought I had seen it all in American politics. But this is a new low.

I don’t know how he gets away with it.

But, apparently, according to the letter, he’s done it before. And he promises to do it throughout the campaign – for the next 14 months.

As slick and slimy as the concept is, believe it or not, his letter contains a typo: “They’re (sic) a chance for me to talk one on one with people like you who are taking ownership of this campaign and connect with the work going on every day in neighborhoods across the country.”

Apparently, with all the money he is raising for the campaign, it is not diverting any of the cash for proofreaders.

There is one very truthful line in the letter: “These dinners also set our campaign apart.”

Truer words were never spoken. But then it’s right back to the lies and deceit.

“No matter what our opponents do over the next 14 months, dinners like these are how we will continue to put people at the heart of this campaign – and prove that we don’t need checks from Washington lobbyists or special-interest PAC money to win an election,” he writes.

If he doesn’t need checks from Washington lobbyists or special-interest PAC money, why does he continue to solicit it at levels never seen before in any campaign in the history of the world?

I can only wonder if there are any federal election rules covering this sort of thing. Will the Federal Elections Commission monitor whether Obama actually has dinner with three supporters who contributed $5? Is the Obama campaign complying with all laws regarding the conduct of raffles?

And if this is such a great idea and so successful, why doesn’t Obama use this concept to start working on paying down the deficit he created?