The taxi jihad continues. Friday the New York Post reported that New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, or TLC, has submitted to Islamic law. Devout Muslim taxi drivers are now allowed to impose the Shariah yet again on taxi tops and can veto strip-club ads on the roof of their taxis.

Last year, I created a taxi top ad campaign for the victims of honor killings. Muslim cab drivers protested (in obvious support of Shariah) and were taking the signs down. Our ad campaign directed threatened girls to go to, and some Islamic supremacist taxi drivers defaced our signs by cutting out the word “Leave,” so that the ad read, “” But not to worry, we bought the URL for that, too.

Pamela Geller in her fight to battle jihadist initiatives in our local
communities — read “Stop The Islamization Of America: A Practical Guide
to the Resistance”

When I ran this campaign, the Huffington Post wrote it was the work of “Pamela Geller, who has been dubbed the ‘Queen of Muslim Bashers‘” – uh, dubbed by whom? Yes, you guessed it, by the Huffington Post. They reported that the taxi ads I created to help girls whose lives were in danger were pulled off taxicabs in Chicago, despite the fact that the entire ad campaign had already run in full. No ads were pulled except for those that were taken down by Muslim cab drivers who demonstrated by doing so that they support the death penalty for apostates from Islam.

Even the cab company was against our ads defending girls from honor killing. Yellow Cab CEO Michael Levine rushed to the aid of the Shariah cabbies, saying at the time, “When Yellow Cab became aware of the ads three weeks ago, we immediately called the advertising company and asked to have the ads removed.”

But there was nothing offensive about our campaign. It was directed at women trying to escape fundamentalist households who had no resources, no network or safe place to go (like Rifqa Bary, the Ohio teen who converted from Islam to Christianity and then fled from her home in fear for her life). The ads were designed to raise awareness about honor killings in an attempt to stop the spike in honor killings in the West, which has already claimed the lives of so many girls, such as Aqsa Parvez, Amina and Sarah Said, Noor Almaleki, Aasiya Hasan and Fatima Abdullah. There was also the Harry Potter movie star Afshan Azad, who was nearly beaten to death by her father. Azad’s parents were born and raised in London. She was dating a non-Muslim boy. So much for the cultural differences meme.

Ninety-one percent of honor killings worldwide are done by Muslims. Eighty-four percent of honor killings in the U.S. are done by Muslims. And, according to one expert, honor killings are on the rise. While we see them in rare instances in other cultures, it is clear that the Islamic legal toleration for honor killings leads to an increased rate of such killings among them.

This is a growing problem that is being hidden and obfuscated by the big liberal press. The West is reluctant to speak of it, and the media whitewash it. Apparently, they would rather that these desperate, brutalized girls get murdered by their families than “offend” Islamic supremacists.

Now the new ruling advances the Islamization of New York cabs. New York Magazine explained Friday that now “the Taxi & Limousine Commission has ruled that if a cabby owns his car, he’s allowed to opt out of the ads that sit atop it, striking a blow against gentleman’s clubs citywide. As the rules stood previously, the owner of the taxi medallion, not the car, had the final say about the contents of its roof ad, much to the dismay of religious or conservative drivers. ‘We are Muslims, and we do not like the ads,’ said a man who was forced to ride around with a Flashdancers sign all day. One cabby said he had to walk to mosque rather than be seen with ‘disgusting things.'” (Emphasis added: The mainstream media love to use the word “conservative” when describing Islamic supremacists.)

The idea that advertising must conform to the Shariah is part of the Islamization of America. That’s why I wrote my new book, “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance,” to show Americans how to fight back. For this is hardly the first time that taxi drivers sought to impose Islam on the secular marketplace. Several years ago, taxi drivers in one of the country’s largest airports refused service to passengers who were carrying alcohol and to those who had guide dogs.

Much more of this awaits America if we continue down the path we are on. This cannot stand.

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