I know that there are tickertapes that constantly keep investors abreast of the stock market. I, therefore, have to assume that there are similar devices used to keep kneejerk liberals up to the minute on talking points. Otherwise, how would they all know to dismiss the earth-shaking results of the special election in New York’s 9th congressional district as a referendum on Obama and, instead, insist it was all about local issues?

Oddly enough, when earlier this year Democrat Kathleen Hochul defeated Republican candidate Jane Corwin in a special election in New York’s 26th congressional district, Obama and his crew hailed it as proof that America was infatuated with Obamacare. The fact that Hochul won with a mere 47 percent of the vote because Jack Davis, a lifelong Democrat, intentionally confused the electorate by running as the tea-party candidate and siphoning off nine percent of the votes, was ignored by the mass media.

I understand that the Democrats have good reason to regard American voters as a bunch of ignorant mugs. After all, in 2008 53 percent of us elected a socialist pig-in-a-poke to the Oval Office. But when a congressional district that has a 3-1 Democratic advantage in registration, and is overwhelmingly Jewish, votes by a 54 percent-46 percent margin for a Republican Catholic over a Jewish liberal, “local issues” isn’t an explanation. It’s a punch line.

Inasmuch as no Republican has been elected in that district in about 90 years, it would seem to most people that some local issue or other would have tipped the scales long before 2011 rolled around. Of course it’s just possible that by “local issues,” the liberals are referring to 9.1 percent unemployment, 7 percent underemployment, Obamacare, a $15 trillion deficit and this administration’s anti-Israel bias. If that’s the case, the Democrats are very likely to discover in next year’s elections just how many other places in America regard them as local issues.

If liberals in the House and Senate persist in promoting Obama’s abominable policies, I can assure them that in November 2012, they will face an electorate that will be only too happy to help them pack up and return to civilian life.

For those current officeholders not content to once again chase ambulances for a living, they might consider carving out careers teaching lemmings how to leap off cliffs and instructing centurions on the proper way to fall on their swords.

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