Allen Funt of “Candid Camera” told me one of his favorite stunts involved the confusion caused by a vain old man who tried to throw a testimonial luncheon for himself. I’m not going that far. I’m just going to award myself a little trophy.

Why? For insisting repeatedly over decades that “America is not a racist country and, in fact, bends over backward to avoid the appearance of being racist.”

Once Sir Isaac Newton discovered a force called “gravity,” it didn’t really change things much, but it made intelligent people more comfortable knowing why things fell down instead of up. Then they discovered a force called electricity that remade the world. Then they discovered a force called nuclear energy that remade the world again.

Now a force called political correctness descends, and after a cute beginning (“Don’t call them ‘girls’; they’re ‘women’!”) political correctness destroys us.

David Dinkins, New York City’s first African-American mayor, was revealed during the campaign to have ignored paying taxes for four years. His excuse: He was much too busy with public service. He won the election. Would he have won if he were white? The question is laughable, but unfunny. I say no. His opponents would then have been much more comfortable bashing him over all those years of no taxes.

We see, smell, sense, feel and fear that same force protecting Barack Obama. The hugeness of the defeat the president suffered on Tuesday, Sept. 13, is already fading. Detergents can get rid of stains with rubbing. Mass media can get rid of political stains by downplaying or just ignoring. One of America’s sharpest commentators, Fox’s Tucker Carlson, predicted that if Anthony Weiner’s 9th Congressional District in New York were to fall to a Republican, Democratic office-holders would rush en masse to distance themselves from Obama. Not only New York’s 9th but, some say even more disastrously, Nevada’s 2nd District fell to Republicans. Sure, there’s audible Democratic discontent, but the predicted tsunami is barely ankle-high.

If this president were white, I’d expect dozens of Democrat officials to be fighting for support to mount a primary challenge, and/or blatant appeals for Hillary to gin up the bubble machine for another run. Poor Tucker just forgot to slap on his PC lens before he took his analytical look.

President Eisenhower had his Sherman Adams scandal. Johnson had Vietnam. Nixon had Watergate. Carter had Bert Lance. Reagan, Iran-Contra. Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and Chinagate. G.W. Bush, many say, had Iraq. You might be able to add a scandal or two here and there, but that’s about it. This next paragraph may be a little long.

President Barack Obama in only 32 months has given us “Fast and Furious,” Solyndra and its oncoming clones, pressuring a general to pervert his congressional testimony, highest debt, highest unemployment, first financial downgrade and first fear of double-dip recession. He’s the first president to announce he was a Christian and a Muslim to different audiences. He was the first president to treat allies like enemies and vice versa. He was also the first president to remain 20 years in a pew as clergy thundered “God damn America,” anti-white vitriol and hatred of the only democracy between the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean. Then there’s the gypsy-switch from stimulus to crony capitalism, forcing Obamacare down the American gullet, cozy dealings with imprisoned Tony Rezko, training and lawyering for disgraced ACORN, a White House Rolodex reeking with the likes of avowed terrorist bombers William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, telling the Brits where they could shove the bust of one of the greatest men of all time (Winston Churchill), a parody of a long-form birth certificate and world-wide apologies for an America that helped save civilization three times in the last century.

This doesn’t count Obama’s fostering of the most toxic political climate in Washington’s memory, his collection of associates my grandmother would scream if I ever played poker with – ex-cons, avowed Marxists, tax cheats and advocates of pro-homosexual indoctrination in kindergarten and a staffer, Anita Dunn, whose favorite philosopher is Mao Zedong. And don’t forget using executive privilege to ramrod things like illegal-alien amnesty into law against the clearly expressed will of the Congress and the people.

No, I’m not through, but that’s enough.

Big-deal media coverage used to be all over such scandals like a duck on a junebug – all over all of them all the time. Pravda was never more slavish to Stalin, or Der Sturmer more slavish to Hitler than America’s mainstream media are to Obama.

We no longer have “rockets’ red glare” over Ft. McHenry in Baltimore harbor to prove “our flag is still there.” But at least we have New York’s 9th and Nevada’s 2nd.

We’ve had the general who led America’s crusade for freedom in Europe as our president. Now we have a “community organizer.” OK, fair, square and legal even if lamentable.

It’s a world-class calamity if the country that smashed the strongest warmongers on earth now moves like a nudist crossing a barbed-wire fence, just because a destructive president happens to be a member of a racial minority.

Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang teaches us that when a small man casts a long shadow, you know the sun is setting.

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