Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to speak out of turn, jump the gun, count my chickens (or in this case, perhaps buzzards) or any other cautionary axiom, but it most definitely appears that the card house of Obama is facing a clear and present danger of collapse. In the political-professional sense, as well as personally, President Obama is showing the signs of having a decidedly tenuous grip on his office, as well as stressed mental and emotional faculties.

Obama’s Sept. 19 Rose Garden commentary (in which he outlined his jobs bill) was clipped and tentative, and his physical countenance – as in many of his recent public appearances – seems significantly diminished. Overall, it contained a definite pathos, even considering that the man, in his destructiveness and arrogance, deserves little if any sympathy.

The speech – if one could call it that – was one of the least presidential productions to which we have yet been subjected. A combination of impotent scolding and petulance, Obama not only didn’t sound like he believed what he was saying, he didn’t even sound like he expected us to believe it, either.

And why would we? If one would have sat down prior to this event and pondered what might be the worst course of action the president could take apropos the economy, one probably would have come up with more spending and more taxes, preferably on high earners.

That is precisely what Obama has proposed. It also bears mentioning that the prevailing issue at hand was the deficit; it is the president who made it about jobs. Upon a cursory look at the jobs bill itself, there is no reason for the casual observer not to conclude that it is simply another method by which Obama might further weaken the economy, soak taxpayers and reinforce the position of unions and public sector workers.

On the same day, Phil Falcone, chief investor in the embattled company LightSquared, denied in an interview with Fox News that either he or the company had used connections with the Obama administration to “moderate” Gen. William Shelton’s congressional testimony concerning potentially troublesome technical aspects of LightSquared’s equipment last week. This despite the fact that the charge was made by the four-star general himself.

As with Solyndra, the now-bankrupt company that the administration underwrote with $530 million in stimulus funds, the ethics and even the legality of the White House’s actions are now in question. If that weren’t enough, it was also revealed that in 2005, then-Sen. Obama invested nearly $100,000 in Skyterra (which later changed its name to LightSquared).

Now that is puzzling. It’s doubtful that many Americans will forget the president crying poverty vis-à-vis his family’s financial situation prior to his becoming president, even despite the sales of two books (which, as a writer, I’ll have to admit is quite plausible). Where then did a new U.S. senator come by the funds to make such a substantial investment in a risky tech company?

On Sept. 18, the Chicago Tribune’s Steve Chapman penned “Why Obama should withdraw,” a scathing vote of no confidence that one would scarcely expect from Obama’s liberal hometown paper. This is, of course, indicative of the press beginning to abandon the president. As a result, his old misdeeds are percolating to the surface, and newer problems are proliferating in very plain sight. In addition to cronyism involving LightSquared, Solyndra and perhaps other organizations, there is the simmering Fast and Furious weapons scandal, popular dissatisfaction with Obama’s abysmal foreign policy, ongoing eligibility concerns, plummeting approval ratings and the aforementioned desertion of key supporters.

Could it be that he has seen his own downfall? If so, why would Obama implement a “scorched America” policy as his supporters scatter, his transgressions come back to haunt him, and Republican challengers converge?

Well, there’s an answer to that, and a very disturbing one. I have pointed out on more than one occasion that this president’s unbridled narcissism has been apparent to credentialed psychologists and lay people alike. This in itself is significant, but what might the practical ramifications of Obama being a bona fide malignant narcissist be given his current dilemmas?

As reported in WND, those familiar with Narcissistic Personality Disorder paint a very disturbing picture of what happens when the narcissist in question faces their ultimate crisis. That crisis would be others discovering them for what they are, resulting in a withdrawal of what the experts term “narcissistic supply.” What arises then is an irresistible compulsion to pull down everything around them, thereby destroying themselves, their enemies and those former friends and admirers who “betrayed” them.

One does not have to be a clinical psychologist to infer that the structure Obama is pulling down around him is America itself. While his agenda has indeed included compromising our institutions in order to supplant them with new ones, according to those in the know, he will now become overtly erratic and reckless – which already appears to be occurring – with his actions manifesting even swifter and more destructive consequences.

God help us all.

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