More than two years ago in Technocracy, I wrote of the “culture of informing,” a “tattletale nation of citizens suspiciously monitoring their fellow citizens’ law-abiding behavior.” I also characterized a then relatively newly elected President Obama, whom I referred to as our technology dictator, as a totalitarian who, among other things, wishes to control the Internet itself to stifle free speech and silence criticism. Especially interesting in light of my recent excoriation of James Hoffa for calls to violence among union members (and my denunciation of apologists trying, dishonestly, to dismiss Hoffa’s agitation) was the fact that I referenced, in 2009, lib violence directed at silencing conservatives – all in the name of squelching what bug-eyed leftist Nancy Pelosi described as “un-American” dissent. Taken as a whole, the move by liberals to establish thoughtcrime, to criminalize dissenting political opinion, was and is nothing short of Orwellian in scope and intensity:

When Obama’s transition website,, can be retroactively scrubbed to remove all references to his confiscatory plans to disarm American citizens, Orwell’s prediction of a revisionist state has already come true. When Obama can go on record as saying that he supports single-payer socialist medicine, then baldly lie and say he doesn’t, Orwell’s vision of a dishonest and double-speaking state is reality. When Homeland Security declares that almost all conservatives and libertarians in the country are domestic terrorists, Orwell’s nightmare of a government making dissenters “unpersons” is only too real. When your pediatrician’s office wants to know if you own any guns, Orwell’s citizen spies are already poking through your trash and peeking in your windows.

When your president urges you to report to the government any citizens who dare to question his socialist schemes, asking you to send an email to [email protected], technology has ushered us into Orwell’s past future, and we have all become Winston Smith.

When George W. Bush was in power and libs found their patriotism questioned for their demoralizing attacks on the missions undertaken by the United States military, Hillary Clinton famously screeched that she was “sick and tired” of such criticism. “We are Americans,” she cawed, “and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration!” Under Bush, the libs successfully redefined “patriotism,” at least in popular culture, as dissent. No longer was patriotism defined as support of one’s nation and the expression of that support for your country’s military efforts.

No, libs wanted to have it both ways, and invented a new standard wherein one could heap scorn, hatred, lies and support for America’s enemies on the American military. All the while, these Democrat “patriots” paid lip-service to “supporting the troops” – while characterizing those troops as Nazis, terrorists, cowards and baby killers who massacre civilians and whose mission was based on the “lies” of the Bush administration.

The rhetoric hasn’t slowed. I wrote previously of Democrat attempts to mischaracterize conservatives and libertarians as somehow responsible for violence never advocated nor committed by those on the right. Only too recently, Democrats were declaring Republicans and all who sided with them to be hostage takers, villains and terrorists – all for daring to disagree with Democrats about matters of government spending. There seems no end to the lengths libs will go to characterize any disagreement with them as dangerous, as precursor to violence and terrorism, as invalid and unacceptable of itself and on its face.

The obvious motivation and the ultimate drive is to relegate all conservative and libertarian thought to a cultural dustbin labeled, “Danger!” In a society obsessed with safety before the fact, in a litigious world whose denizens plaster warning labels on every conceivable surface and sue for their own foolishness when their fellow humans fail to anticipate their stupidity, can there be any surer way to silence your ideological opponents than by declaring their very thoughts harmful to the public?

Never tiring of its ability to parody itself, the Obama administration recently launched the latest offensive in its never-ending battle to prove that Barack Obama is a brittle man-boy who cannot stomach criticism. Truly, our president cannot bear to ignore even a single word contrary to his opinions. Having learned nothing from the public-relations disaster that was [email protected], Obama and his lib minions have launched “AttackWatch.” Through it, using the micro-blogging site Twitter, good little libs are encouraged to report to the government any free speech they don’t like.

Ostensibly, the Twitter hash tag “#AttackWatch” is used to report “smears” of Glorious Leader Obama made by scurrilous conservatives bent on attacking our well-meaning but misunderstood president. In reality, libs define as “smears” any opinions with which they disagree, redefining as “lies” any political and ideological conclusions they oppose. In practice, the AttackWatch snitch account has been an even bigger disaster than the “flag” informer email, as conservatives across Twitter mercilessly ridiculed the effort while informing on themselves.

One might wonder how the Obama administration has managed to make such public fools of its staff and Obama himself after already making a similar mistake. A. Barton Hinckle characterized the AttackWatch account as simply “the latest in a string of episodes in which the administration has made itself look creepily authoritarian.” Well, the reason Obama and his followers look creepily authoritarian is because they’re a bunch of creepy authoritarians.

“Liberals” hate freedom. They despise freedom of thought. They fear freedom of action. They revile freedom of choice. To the liberal, there is only one way to live, and that is his way. Anyone who chooses otherwise is stupid or, worse, outrageously and recklessly dangerous for failing to be convinced by liberals’ unquestioned and unquestionable brilliance.

Liberals have characterized all who disagree with them as un-American villains. They have redefined their political opponents as domestic terrorists. They have encouraged your fellow citizens to report you to the government for the thoughtcrime of questioning or criticizing Obama, the avatar of their failed policies and dysfunctional politics. Is it any wonder, then, that they refuse to give up on the idea of criminalizing and publicly reporting any and all dissent?

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