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Here's the problem – and the solution

The federal government did its stimulus thing, and now it’s broke. It gave the money to greedy, stupid, politically well-connected bankers, the most incompetently run car company in the country, a bunch of political cronies and the most nearly bankrupted state governments, which voted, of course, Democrat.

The stimulus didn’t work – because it stimulated nothing but political payola and business as usual. Now the money is gone and the stimulus with it. The euro is tanking – and don’t think the Federal Reserve isn’t going to try to bail out those banks as well. It is, and the result will be the same as over here.

Businesses don’t hire employees they don’t need because of tax breaks. They hire people to make products or perform services that someone else is willing – and able – to pay for. Too bad for us that Obummer and his Democrat-controlled Senate don’t know that.

The Republicans are nitpicking each other, death by 1,000 pin-pricks. They want to “cut back regulation” and “stimulate growth.”

They are brain dead. We want regulation dead. We want the agencies that spawned it dismantled. We want their gold-plated regulators and gold-plated retirements thrown out on the street to look for work in the private sector. We want the federal government cut back to what it was when John Kennedy took office.

We don’t want LBJ’s “Great Society,” because – well, it ain’t so great, is it? We don’t want multiculturalism, where America accommodates every voting pressure group known to man – except Americans. We want the melting pot, the great assimilation. America didn’t become America because of tribalism. America became America because of individualism and economic and political freedom. And we sure don’t need any more affirmative action (read discrimination against the best qualified), especially in the presidency.

The solution isn’t difficult – but it’s probably our last chance. I’ve detailed it here (American oil: The path toward prosperity and Oh ‘Bama, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz?).

Any takers for the Republican nomination for president?