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New Obama scandal could top Solyndra

Michael Savage

The Solyndra company was supposed to be the showcase for Obama’s “green jobs” agenda – right before it went bankrupt in a scandalous free fall.

The week, Michael Savage talked about Solyndra, dubbing it “Solar-gate.”

However, he also told listeners an even bigger scandal was brewing – possibly one of the biggest in U.S. history: “Wired-gate is what I’m calling the LightSquared scandal. You aren’t hearing as much about that, but Wired-gate will affect our national security. It supersedes everything else this gang in the White House has done to America.”

Savage remembered the good old days, when only mobsters plead the 5th Amendment during congressional investigations, but this week during the Solyndra hearings, Savage quipped, Americans will get to see Silicon Valley Ph.D.s do the same thing (FREE audio).

It’s been out for more than a week, and Michael Savage’s debut thriller “Abuse of Power” remains a top Amazon.com bestseller. Now you can enjoy an excerpt from the “Abuse of Power” audio book, by clicking here.

Rush Limbaugh

After Obama unveiled his new “Buffett tax plan,” Limbaugh debunked the urban legend that billionaire Warren Buffett’s secretary pays more taxes than her boss, in a monologue that was an instant classic (FREE audio).

Limbaugh went further, accusing Obama of plagiarizing his famous “35 Undeniable Truths of Life” during a recent speech (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

As the “Palestinians” and their supporters lobby the United Nations for their own nation state, Hannity welcomed Pamela Geller onto the program to talk about the president’s lack of support for Israel (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain came on Mark Levin’s radio show to explain his “9-9-9” plan and how he thinks the media is trying to spin the race. Levin called Cain “one of the nicest men you’ll ever talk to” (FREE audio).

It was Levin’s birthday this week, and many listeners emailed and tweeted their best wishes. One fan even recorded a special message for the radio host (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham’s guests this week included CAIR lawyer Gadeir Abbas, Congressman Paul Ryan, and Harry Smith talking about the Obama “jobs bill” (FREE audio).

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., called in to Laura’s show, who revealed that he was “hitching a ride” with the president on Air Force One during Obama’s trip to Cincinnati. Paul said he hoped to raise some important issues during the trip, such as legislation he wants to introduce to fix bridges in need of repair.

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck stopped accepting sponsorship from GM years ago, because he felt they were too cozy with big government. Now he’s glad he did. Beck denounced GM for breaking its promise never to install tracking devices in its new cars (FREE webcam).

Speaking of corporate sponsorship, Beck also vowed never to partner with Levi’s, who he says are running a commercial that glorifies sex, cars on fire, “uprisings and revolutions” (FREE webcam).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

The Howard Stern show may be brash and off-color, but it’s never been a hotbed of “progressive” nonsense. That is, until renowned singer Tony Bennett came on the show, ostensibly to promote his new album of duets. Unfortunately, the conversation veered into foreign and domestic policy, something Bennett might want to leave to the experts in future.

Bennett told Stern that “American foreign policies caused” the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. He also claimed that President Bush had told him in a private conversation that the Iraq War was a “mistake” – a conversation Bush’s people were quick to insist never took place.

The singer’s many defenders tried to mitigate damages by reminding everyone of Bennett’s advanced age and pointing out that in the past, he had been a staunch supporter of more respectable left-wing causes like desegregation and anti-apartheid.

But that’s precisely the problem: The 9/11 “truther” movement is full of weirdos who call themselves “leftists.” As far as Bennett is probably concerned, that means he’s still on the “right side of history.”