“If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any.”

North Carolina’s third-world dictator (Democrat Gov. Beverly Perdue) suggested in a serious speech to the Rotary Club that congressional elections may have to be suspended until the nation’s economy improves (which, of course, it never will under the current regime).

Gov. Marie Antoinette is now trying to laugh this off, but audio has emerged indicating she was dead serious when she made the remark.

Wake up, folks! This is the first of many trial balloons that will be floated by the corrupt, incompetent, power-hungry vermin you elected. These Evitas-in-waiting want nothing less than to be dictators for life. Just like the welfare cheats they champion (and who in turn votes for them), these public princes and princesses feel a sense of entitlement to their position.

But why wouldn’t they feel that way? Congress and the courts have allowed an illegal usurper with no public background, multiple Social Security numbers, a forfeited law license and whose released birth certificate clearly shows he does not meet the qualifications in the Constitution – to occupy the office of the presidency.

They have allowed illegal gun running by government agents at taxpayer expense that has killed Border Patrol agents. They have passed unconstitutional legislation by the bushel. They have created an illegal federal police force that runs roughshod over travelers’ constitutional protections. They have engaged in massive political corruption to enrich themselves and their friends at public expense. And they have protected the criminals from justice with the our own Department of Justice.

With early polls showing them facing massive losses, why wouldn’t they go for the elections?

Let’s get something straight: To suspend the Constitution (which every elected official has sworn an oath to uphold), you would have to be greater than the Constitution. Is that how North Carolina’s Evita-in-waiting defines herself? Is that how the Kenyan community-organizing paper hangar in the White House defines himself?

You bet it is, on both!

Tyrants always do it for the children. Their plans will always work if given just a little more time – and a lot more money. Dissent is at first healthy. Then tiresome. Then unwelcome. Finally illegal. And then silenced.

The federal Constitution was brought to life under the signatures of all the states at the convention. It was not law until each state’s own convention approved it back home, thereby placing themselves under its rule. And the enemies of human freedom and dignity have been working tirelessly against the Constitution’s enumerated powers ever since. They want the people bound by the government; not the government bound by the people. And they’ve had their way for a long time now. Way too long. That’s why the abuses we see and hear about are happening daily.

In a state that valued human freedom and dignity, impeachment proceedings would have been brought against Gov. Evita-in-waiting the day she made such a remark – with or without humor. By both parties. Unanimously.

Ditto for the U.S. House of Representatives, where Speaker John Boehner could end the Kenyan paper hanger’s charade overnight – if he so chose.

Hope and change are over. All that remains today are lies, deceit and self-enrichment at the public trough, to be paid for by current and future generations. “Natural born citizen” was in the Constitution for a reason, folks. It was put there by men who understood what loyalty meant. And what disloyalty would cost. Hope and change never freed anyone from the tyrant’s chains; rather it is the chant that tyrants throughout history have repeated over and over while they placed the chains of servitude on the unwitting and unwilling.

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