Obamacare. Sky-high deficits. Crazy regulations. Even crazier White House “czars.”

If a contest were held to determine the most consistently immoral, perverse and unjust part of the Obama administration, the winner might not be any of the above.

Rather, as the October issue of WND’s monthly Whistleblower magazine reveals, the frontrunner would be – ironically – the U.S. Department of Justice, led by Attorney General Eric Holder.

“Under Obama and Holder, the Department of Justice has been transformed from the world’s preeminent law enforcement agency into one of the most corrupt federal bureaucracies in modern history,” says WND Managing Editor David Kupelian. “It has become, literally, a Department of Injustice.”

In “DEPARTMENT OF INJUSTICE,” you will learn how, as part of the Obama administration, America’s top law enforcement agency:

  • is hiring only civil rights attorneys who are far leftists – in blatant violation of federal law and department policy – as proven by an astonishing analysis which found that of the 106 lawyers hired in 10 different sections of DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, every single one has a résumé filled with connections to far-left organizations, including the “Queer Resistance Front” and “Intersex Society of North America.”

  • is risking a repeat of the easy-lending cycle that led to today’s catastrophic housing crisis and economic tsunami, by requiring banks to lower mortgage underwriting standards and approve loans for minorities with poor credit as part of a new crackdown on alleged “discrimination.”
  • has threatened to prosecute CIA officers whose interrogation of terrorist operatives helped lead to the location and termination of Osama bin Laden, even as President Obama basked in glory for bringing the al-Qaida kingpin to justice.
  • has implemented the scandalous “Fast and Furious” operation in which federal law enforcement personnel have been coerced into facilitating the purchase of thousands of firearms from U.S. gun dealers by people connected to ultra-violent Mexican drug cartels.
  • is using the “Fast and Furious” scandal – which has already cost many lives, including that of a U.S. Border Patrol agent – as a pretext for imposing draconian new gun-control regulations on law-abiding, federally licensed U.S. firearms dealers;
  • is attempting to gain early release for over 5,000 crack cocaine users in federal prison – largely because they are black.
  • overruled the mostly African-American city of Kinston, N.C., whose residents had decided to get rid of the party affiliation of candidates in local elections. Obama’s Justice Department insisted that without the Democratic Party on the ballot, blacks just wouldn’t know who to vote for.
  • aborted its already-successful prosecution of the most blatant case of voter intimidation in modern history perpetrated by nightstick-wielding members of the New Black Panther Party.
  • sued the state of Arizona for passing an immigration law that mandated enforcement of already existing – but unenforced – federal border and immigration laws.
  • is defying a key federal law, the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between a man and woman and prevents courts from using the Constitution’s “full faith and credit clause” to force recognition of same-sex marriage on all 50 states.
  • is mandating that al-Qaida-trained terrorist Umar “underwear bomber” Abdulmutallab be tried as an American criminal suspect and not a foreign enemy combatant – thus allowing him to lawyer up and avoid the very questioning that has proven in the past to yield precious intel capable of saving thousands of lives.

And believe it or not, that’s just the beginning.

“DEPARTMENT OF INJUSTICE” also comprehensively documents Holder’s scandalous record of granting presidential pardons to 16 Puerto Rican terrorists during the Clinton administration; it lays bare his involvement in an effort funded by billionaire George Soros to push for a new, “progressive” U.S. Constitution; it shows how Holder decided, over the objections of federal prosecutors, not to prosecute Council on American-Islamic Relations co-founder Omar Ahmad for funding terrorists; it details his infamous Clinton-era pardon of international criminal Marc Rich; and much more.

“What would the press and Democratic members of Congress be saying about scandals of this magnitude,” asks WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah, “if they were the handiwork of George W. Bush? Do you think there would be any hesitation to call for impeachment, trial and conviction? Can you even imagine that scandals like this would not be at the top of every news report day after day after day? Neither can I.”

Adds Farah, “In fact, I believe people would be on their way to prison for the crimes and cover-ups that have been perpetrated by this administration. And that’s exactly what Americans should be demanding  right now.”

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