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CAIR: Media darling, 1st Amendment enemy

You’ve got to hand it to Muslim Brotherhood front groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations – known as CAIR.

It is conducting, with brilliant success, a media strategy in which it is portrayed as a Muslim civil-rights group earnestly fighting against religious bigotry in the best tradition of the United States of America, while it systematically attacks the First Amendment’s protections of freedom of speech and religious liberty.

And the U.S. media – practically all of it – from CNN to Fox to the New York Times and ABC, NBC and CBS, offer CAIR the red carpet treatment to make its subversive case to the nation and the world.


Let me give you a few compelling and recent examples of the way this works.

I have had my own experiences with CAIR over the years. As an Arab-American whose Christian grandparents fled the Middle East because of Islamic domination, I had many opportunities to debate CAIR representatives on television and radio. In every case, CAIR lobbied hard for an opponent who was less able. When Dr. Laura Schlessinger announced me as a guest on her old syndicated radio program to discuss the Middle East, CAIR flooded the network with faxes of howling protest.

As a result of that kind of campaign, I have not been invited on any show to debate CAIR for at least five years.

But to really understand CAIR and its importance as a threat to U.S. national security and our constitutional freedoms, you need to read the book, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America” – the only book of its kind ever produced. I’m proud to say it was published by WND Books. I’m also proud that WND Books is battling CAIR’s legal assault against one of the authors of that book and his son who infiltrated the organization posing as an intern.

Of course, it’s easier for media institutions to pretend CAIR is simply what it claims to be – a Muslim civil-rights organization

It’s easier for the FBI, especially given the political realities of the day, to pretend CAIR is simply what it claims to be – a Muslim civil-rights organization.

It’s easier for all Americans to avoid getting involved in the fight to preserve America’s heritage of constitutionally guaranteed free speech by simply pretending CAIR is what it claims to be – a Muslim civil-rights organization.

It’s messy to stand up to thugs like this. It’s risky to expose people’s terrorist connections and the threat they pose to national security.

Nevertheless, I don’t have another country to escape to like my grandparents did – at least not one that is supposed to stand for freedom and the rule of law under God. So I choose to make my stand here. I hope you will join me with your support for WND’s legal defense fund and our battle with the Muslim Mafia.