Ten years ago, an attack on our nation was executed by a pack of murderous Muslim zealots. Nearly 3,000 of our men and women were killed in some of the most gruesome ways imaginable: Lungs seared. Flesh scorched. Brutal dismemberment. Falling from heights dizzying enough that people really had time to think about what slamming into the pavement would be like as it yawned beneath them. Ground into a dusty paste so fine that there wasn’t anything left to even attempt to identify, and which first responders would be coughing up for years to come.

We were enraged, and rallied around a president who appeared equally so. But in the time that followed, public opinion was manipulated to oppose measures taken to combat the newly recognized (but hardly new) Islamic threat. I sometimes wonder if the lack of that president’s willingness to defend himself and his administration in that regard was part of a design to install the current administration, so feeble were his actions in this area.

But I suppose that’s another story, perhaps one for those who think that President Bush was down the block with his hands on the plunger when holographic jets melted into the Twin Towers that day.

In the 10 years hence, not only was Bush demonized to a degree no American president previously experienced, but vapid, treasonous factions among us dedicatedly advanced the notion that the dress-wearing primitives with bird’s nests cultivated on their faces have some sort of legitimate gripe against us. Sadly, this effort wound up having a fair degree of success. Then, they actually convinced millions of us to vote a “blank” into the office of the president, a communistic fraud and sociopath with a forged birth certificate and synthetic history.

Personally, I am gratified beyond reason that the conservative press has vigorously picked up on the story of then-Sen. Barack Obama showing solidarity with the New Black Panther Party in 2007. Certainly there are other noteworthy news items that demonstrate the odious nature of this president, but it is for that very reason that this – which shows the worst of his character – be illustrated. The popular and political advantage that has been afforded him by the establishment press cannot be underestimated, and it is a given that he and his surrogates will go to any lengths to see him re-elected, legal or otherwise.

We face an enemy that has maneuvered itself into a position whereby it can talk of rebellion and killing, yet we must judiciously temper our rhetoric. They stage angry, malicious rallies, yet attempt to portray our demonstrations (which essentially amount to picnics with speaker events) as fomenting violence. More often than not, their hypocrisy goes unchallenged. Though their ideology is utterly defective and their arguments intellectually weak, their propaganda machine remains quite effective.

Thus, a “smoking gun” will not be sufficient in any effort against this president, or any high-profile American socialists, for that matter. We need the gun, the body, the blood-stained suspect and video or photographic evidence.

When I look at the photographic evidence of Barack Obama – or whatever his name really is – standing with members of the virulently racist NBPP, I can’t help but long to see him bodily dragged from his current residence like a common criminal for daring to so profane the People’s House. Of course, this desire will be viewed as extreme. Dragged, like a common criminal? Where’s his respect for the office?

To those I would reply that Obama killed off any sanctity of the office of the president on the day he parked his vile carcass in the White House.

There are quite a few other parties deeply involved in this sordid tale, people in power who knew what Obama was when they decided to support him. If there is any justice left in our land, one day they will be wearing orange jumpsuits right alongside him.

Although the task ahead is difficult, none of this is really very complicated. We allowed ourselves to be conditioned not to discern, so were like sick sheep to the mangy wolves in suits who had learned the political game and how to parrot the speech and strategies of those who had gone before them.

In “Thoughts on the Present State of American Affairs,” Thomas Paine argues for the reasons the American colonies ought to break free from British rule. Believe it or not, there were a substantial number of colonists who believed that we should remain so – nearly a majority, in fact. However, if one reads this treatise with a discerning eye, the analogous relationship between modern conservatives and the founders versus modern liberals and the pro-British colonists can easily be seen.

The founders of this nation had no reservation interpreting the burdens put upon the colonists as evil and intolerable, and determining that they were something they must resist, at the cost of their very lives, if necessary.

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