Well, let’s see: America’s black messiah has been tried and found wanting. The race card, the Bush card and the joker have all been played – without success – and left on the table for the next golf game.

Jobs are in permanent decline. Consumers are burrowing in for the winter. Banks aren’t lending – unless you don’t need credit. Foreclosures are headed back up. House prices are down. Heating costs are going through the roof.

The Environmental Protection Agency is working overtime to prove the 80/20 rule wrong (that’s 80 percent of the benefit for 20 percent of the regulation). Unions and the White House occupant are attacking businesses that want to expand – to non-union states (gee, I wonder why?).

And let’s not forget corruption – the tax levied on the productive segments of America by its incompetent, inbred political class. Green energy grants for companies outsourcing to China. Millions in payola for the politically favored and regulatory investigations for those who don’t pay up and shut up. Murderous thugs running the Justice Department and selling guns to the Mexican drug lords.

And let’s not forget the careful attention to constitutional details, where secret legal opinions that the rest of us can’t see are used to authorize the murder of American citizens abroad – without the inconvenience of a trial. One might expect the legal system or at least the judges to protest – but they are silent.

Now that the Democrats’ great Kenyan hope has turned out to be an incompetent, corrupt windbag, all eyes have turned to the GOP. Will the independents, who gave us the great orator Obama, soon present to the nation the new, improved American messiah? Depends on who promises independents the most, I guess.

Let’s save the candidate review for another time. Most of them are only going to make a few changes around the edges of the federal bureaucratic beast, while he sits there in plain sight eating our lunch and dumping on our freedoms.

Worldwide, there hasn’t been a declared (legal) war since World War II. But presidents have sure spent a lot of money shooting the world up, haven’t they? Those wars that were necessary could have and should have been done with a congressional declaration of war.

Why do you think the Constitution was written that way? If we reconvened the Nuremberg war trials that followed World War II, I wonder how many of our elected leaders could present a credible defense and avoid prison for their actions?

Congress and the judiciary are both broken, folks. Pick your GOP messiah very carefully.

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