It looks like a genuine, home-spun, non-politician, conservative candidate for the Republican presidential nomination is emerging.

His name is Herman Cain.


And the evidence of the threat he represents to a second term of Barack Obama is clear from the attacks being leveled in his direction by the media, by the Democrats and by the sycophantic entitlement mongers who think government’s coercive power should be used to get “their fair share” even though they don’t work to earn it.

You know what’s happening when Yahoo! News goes after Cain because of his association with me – and all I represent because I believe the Constitution should be honored, even when it comes to the trivial matter of who is eligible to be president.

As with most such feeble attempts to sling mud against Cain, who now leads the GOP presidential pack by a significant margin, according to several polls, the very basis of the attack is lie.

“For the past two years, Herman Cain has written a weekly column that is advertised as ‘exclusive commentary’ for WorldNetDaily, a website that is the online hub for people who believe that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States,” it begins. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Actually, the question of where Obama was born is of little concern to me and most people who read WND. What concerns us, among many other issues, is whether Obama is constitutionally eligible to be president. The prima facie evidence strongly suggests he is not – including the documents he has released purporting to be his birth certificates, his autobiography, the life story he has told in campaign appearances and most everything we are told about him.

But that’s not really the subject matter of this column. That’s just a response to the kind of hideously ugly spin Herman Cain’s detractors and critics are using to discredit his so far very successful race for the presidency.

I want to talk about the excitement Herman Cain is creating across the country.

He’s doing it with a positive, upbeat, genuine conservative message. And he’s doing it with a smile on his face that is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan.

Unlike most politicians, which he is not, Cain didn’t formulate his platform with the idea of merely tickling the ears of Americans. He doesn’t tell people what they want to hear. He addresses the fundamental problems facing America and offers real hope and inspiration for a better life for all of us.

It’s not a new prescription, but one that is tried and true.

It’s not a collection of ideas he got yesterday, but a worldview he has long embraced, developed in the school of hard knocks known as the business world and real life.

That’s what Americans like about Herman Cain – all Americans, I might add, from every walk of life.

When WND staff writer Chelsea Schilling more than a year ago first introduced Herman Cain, the possible presidential candidate, to the world in her article, “Is this man Obama’s worst nightmare?,” he said candidly: “Quite frankly, I could beat Barack Obama.” He may be on his way to fulfilling what seemed then like an optimistic prophecy.

I’m not yet urging all good conservatives to embrace Herman Cain as their choice for the Republican nomination. I am not formally endorsing him for the presidency. But, with the polls headed in the direction they are clearly heading, it’s certainly time for all of us to recognize Herman Cain is the real deal.

He may be the very best candidate to take out Obama in 2012.

He may indeed be Obama’s “worst nightmare.”

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