The movie scenes I always enjoyed most showed Japanese soldiers in panic mode, German soldiers exiting a bunker with their hands up and the “Wild West Saloon.”

The “Wild West Saloon” always featured piano music, fun-loving crowds and great-looking women, some of them waitresses and some who seemed to ply an even older profession. In the Wild West Saloon, all the sisters were fair and all the brothers were valiant. But suddenly the dialogue around the poker table would escalate. Then somebody would shove the table over, sending cards, chips, cash and drinks flying in all directions. Cowboys slugged. Women screamed. Innocent bystanders cowered under tables and behind the bar. Somebody shot out the lanterns and the brannigan raged.

The Obama administration almost seems to be bringing that scene on as if by executive order.

Twenty years ago in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood, a three-day riot broke out when a car in a Jewish motorcade jumped the curb and tragically struck and killed a black infant. That was an accident. Everything that followed was deliberate. Racial tension became racial aggression. A Jewish student, surrounded by angry blacks, was stabbed and died of his wounds. Black mobs took to the streets looking for Jewish victims. The Jews, mostly members of the Lubavitcher Hasidic sect, wisely stayed indoors. Why did the NYPD allow the rioting and looting to continue for three days?

New York’s first black mayor, David Dinkins, brought shame and political obliteration upon himself by commenting, “The brothers had to vent!” History tells us some things about “venting.” Now hear this, President Obama!

Former Gov. Huey Long of Louisiana once said, “Fascism will come to America, but they’ll call it ‘Americanism’!” Strike out “fascism” and put in “communism,” and you’ve got the wisest comment so far on the matter of the “Occupy Wall Street” vent-a-thon. If Stalin were alive he’d drop dead from hearing all the pure communist battle cries reverberating through the capitalist canyons of Wall Street. Even Stalin’s Communists felt the need to accuse rich capitalists of illegality. Now the mask is off. Now it’s OK to say, “Nobody needs that much money,” and “Share the wealth!” Communism killed and enslaved many more people over much more of the earth’s surface for far longer periods than even Hitler’s Nazis. Obviously, American communists would prefer to call themselves “progressives” or “redistributionists.” Sometimes they don’t call themselves anything. They just say, “Here are some bills we have to get passed!”

My concern goes far beyond any foothold communism under any name might seize in America. We know the danger of firearms and high explosives in the wrong hands, trains carrying ethanol that turn over and burn, fallen electric wires sputtering in the grass, bears popping up in your pup tent and others. A mob is a “wild animal” that can likewise explode and kill.

(Forgive me again, Mark Twain. The difference between a mob and an orderly demonstration is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug!)

Condoning a mob, as the president has done along with hordes of prominent Americans, is quite literally condoning someone driving at top speed with a glass of straight vodka in his sipping hand. (Beer doesn’t work here; it’s not strong enough or fast-acting enough.) Condoning a mob is allowing a male pilot to fondle a female flight attendant in the cockpit of a fully loaded passenger jet at 32,000 feet. And that’s just CONDONING! Encouraging, promulgating, organizing are even higher crimes.

And that’s “flat-field-sunny-day,” when national nerves are normal. In today’s America such mob-ism is pleading for catastrophe. And Nancy Pelosi says, about the mobsters, “God bless them!” How odd that those who hate guns love mobs!

Forget momentarily whose politics the mob favors. The doctor on the sidelines of a football game is concerned about everybody surviving, not who wins. In October 1956, the students of Communist Hungary courageously led a massive march to press for more personal and national freedom; unheard of in a Communist country! An edgy Communist cop fired from the rooftops and killed a babe-in-arms. The Hungarian Revolution was on: 35,000 Hungarian patriots killed, plus 2,000 Soviet troops.

The result was the beginning of the end of Communism in Europe. I’m not saying “Bad anti-Communists!” I’m saying mobs are combustible. Mobs are dangerous.

A society that “takes to the streets” is like a missionary who gives Satan equal time, or a leader who leads from behind!

Eugene V. Debs was a 19th- and 20th-century labor leader and five-time Socialist Party candidate for president. That was before “socialism” failed in 39 countries – maybe more! Debs was jailed for opposing America’s entry into World War I. President Warren Harding ordered him released, whereupon his followers jubilantly carried him on their shoulders from the jailhouse door to his home.

Eugene V. Debs stayed up that night writing an essay on how frightening an “animal” a mob is, even when it’s on your side!

Honest people can often say, “I didn’t know the gun was loaded.”

Nobody can say that about a mob.

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