As the Internet and social media help increasingly well organized Marxist protesters bring their “Occupy Wall Street” mobs to cities across America, the sense that history is repeating could not be more keen. Not since French peasants dragged nobles to the guillotines have so many been so excited about emptying the pockets of so few.

In Glorious Leader Obama’s America, this is not a fad, and it is not a passing trend. This is, instead, a cultural shift that sees whining entitlement, peevish jealousy and naked covetousness become the public norm for the liberal left and the Democratic Party in America.

A hilarious image posted online sums up the hypocrisy of the protesters, who snarl and growl about “evil corporations” while clothed in, decorated by, transmitted across and connected through the products of the capitalist industries they mindlessly condemn. Amusing as this may be, there is nothing funny about the proliferation of “occupy” protests. These demonstrations are blooming like fungus throughout our beleaguered nation. They are a threat to every productive citizen.

Occupy Wall Street – and the contrived movement growing from its ranks – is warning writ large. It is not surprising that the loitering, bleating legions of spoiled communist hippies have trashed the areas in which they squat, nor should anyone be surprised that they’ve graduated to terrorizing business executives and their families at home. What too few people understand is that the twin calls for violence and redistributive social justice are inseparable. You cannot take the contents of a man’s wallet without first shoving the barrel of a gun in his face or the point of a knife in his ribs – and you cannot have a revolution without lopping off a few heads.

Violence, which liberals so adore when it serves their re-imagining of our free republic as an “enlightened” totalitarian state, is the pragmatic means to their impractical egalitarian ends. Exhortations to this violence, so perfectly expressed by lib union thugs, are not theoretical, figurative, or metaphorical. They are real, and they are the future of a society whose leftist president has done everything he can to further a national narrative of class warfare. Every time Obama mewls about those who are not “paying their fair share,” he is really demanding that government thieve from producers under threat of violent retribution.

Remember when students – angry over tuition hikes and exuding the same odor of French Revolution so pungently emitted by the Occupy Wall Street mobs – attacked Prince Charles’ limousine and very nearly dragged its Royal passengers into the street? One can only wonder what would ensue had the protesters succeeded in that case. Perhaps Prince Charles would have been subjected to one of the mindless chants that so disturbingly characterize this newly homogenous and contrived astroturf movement.

Oh, wait; no. The students shouted “Off with their heads!” Their response to being told they could not have what they wanted without paying for it, without using someone else’s money to get it and to do it, was to hurt or kill those they saw as better off. Lest you think this hyperbole, classless has-been Roseanne Barr recently and very seriously echoed this sentiment.

“I do say that I am in favor of the return of the guillotine,” she said, “and that is for the worst of the worst of the guilty.” Barr graciously allows for the “guilty” bankers to turn over any income they’ve earned above $100 million dollars. As for those who think this is theft, well, they can simply be killed. “… [If] they are unable to live on that amount … then they should, you know, go to the re-education camps and if that doesn’t help, then being beheaded.”

Barr is not alone; Occupy Wall Street protesters have repeatedly called for as much class murder, carrying replica heads on pikes and generally acting like they’re marching on Versailles (when they’re not busy defecating on police cars).

Video of liberal U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, which has gone viral since it was first posted online, perfectly sums up the attitudes of the Occupy Wall Street drones. When Warren claimed that “there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own,” insisting that “part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along,” she beautifully gives voice to the grasping, greedy children who desire what they have not earned and demand what you have worked to create. By dismissing individual effort and claiming, falsely, that everyone’s success is the result of social dependency on everyone else, they put their hands deep in your pockets and their boots firmly on your neck.

This slippery slope is identical to that of Obamacare. If the libs can argue successfully that they pay for your medical care, they can argue that they have a say in what you eat, how you live and when you die. That was the source of the concern over “death panels” rationing socialized medicine – and that is the chord struck when whining rich kids bawl that evil bankers and corporations aren’t forking over their earnings to the masses. If they can argue that your individual effort has no value compared to the collective support of your neighbors, they can justify taking everything you have and anything you earn.

No man lives in a vacuum, no. This is why human beings cooperate to mutual benefit and exchange value for value to this end. The benefit of working with your fellow human beings, without compulsion and according to your own interests, is the basis for trade and the foundation of free society. That society comprises individuals, without whom there is nothing social about arbitrarily grouped humans.

The mobs will kill you to take what they believe they’re owed. They’ll do it in the name of a social “contract” you’ve never signed. They’ll do it en masse, with rage in their eyes and Marxist slogans on their lips.

When the occupation gets to your lawn, remember that.

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