Take a good look at the faces of the protesters you see in the streets, America. They are destined to become your new masters.

They are run from the White House.

Your tax dollars are paying them to overthrow the Constitution.

The community organizer directing them – by his own admission – lacks the natural born citizen qualification necessary to hold the office of the president.

The Supreme Court has acquiesced, twice. First, when Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office without verifying credentials. Second, by agreeing with lower courts that mere citizens have no compelling interest in determining if the White House occupant is constitutionally qualified to hold office. In other words, the Constitution is unenforceable by those it was designed to protect.

The Justice Department is corrupt. It is complicit in selling guns to Mexican drug lords that were used to kill American border patrol agents. This chief law-enforcement officer has repeatedly lied to Congress to cover up his gunrunning. His office has been from the beginning a political tool for the personal and political gain of the Oval Office occupant.

Secret evidence now lands American citizens on secret government lists, to be killed at will by the government without a jury trial.

An illegal federal police force (TSA) now demands “your papers” to move about the country. In fact, they not only demand your papers – they demand to put the long arm of the law up your privates.

Local police, state and federal law-enforcement agents, as well as United States military officers, have – as their actions indicate – pledged their allegiance not to the Constitution and the rule of law, but to continued advancement under the rising party’s new Fuehrers.

Christians, for their moral stands against abortion and homosexuality, as well as their allegiance to Jesus Christ, and the wealthy, for their money and property, are both being demonized by the new National Socialists (Nazis) who wish to silence moral opposition to their rule and take the money and property for their own.

Congress is complicit with the new Nazis. Democrats in the Senate have made clear there is no such thing as an impeachable offense, be it lying under oath, usurpery or treason committed against the United States. In fact, both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi lied and violated their oath to protect the Constitution when they certified Obama without investigating the natural born citizenship claim.

Millions of illegal immigrants are being fast-tracked to the taxpayer benefit offices, and from thence to the election polls, to dilute the votes of American citizens next year. Others are simply not being deported or detained for their illegal entry and false identifications in this country. Lies and deceit are a standard of the new, rising party.

While the new Nazis scratch and claw their way to permanent power, the conservative opposition tut-tuts how sad it all is. No, it’s not sad now. It will be sad when they take your house, your savings, shoot you in the head and bury you in a mass grave outside of town with the others who have opposed their thievery and assent to power. That will be sad.

In the meantime, their is vague talk about administration members who have shredded the Constitution for personal and political gain “losing their jobs.” This is laughable and pathetic. These people have attacked the deepest foundations of our democratic republic for their own personal power and financial gain. They seek nothing less than the destruction of liberty and freedom that this nation has always represented to the world. They need to lose their jobs – and then spend the rest of their natural lives in confinement for their crimes against humanity.

When I hear these words spoken by a “front-running” presidential candidate, then I will believe that a sliver of hope yet remains for America.

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