I have always taken exception to anyone who behaves badly because they believe that they can get away with it based upon their ethnicity. This includes those who do so because they are members of a majority ethnic group and perceive themselves as unassailable, or someone belonging to a minority ethnic group who acts out behind the shield of public sympathy. The latter would certainly apply in such scenarios in which society has adopted notions of political correctness or even negrophilia, as detailed in my recent book of the same name.

It came to my attention some time ago that some of President Obama’s detractors harbor grave concerns that America will face civil unrest of epic proportions should our illustrious First Black President be forced to step down or be removed for legal or constitutional reasons. While it has been discussed primarily in conservative and libertarian circles, this generally applies across the board, to everyone from rank-and-file voters to commentators and some conservative politicians.

I have indicated that many in high places have no desire to be directly involved in or publicly associated with Obama’s downfall, but how far this dread might affect lawful proceedings in the face of their necessity is anyone’s guess. With each passing day, it becomes increasingly likely that the nefarious house of cards that is the Obama administration will collapse before November 2012. The president’s most stalwart advocate – the establishment press – is abandoning him piecemeal, and so his misdeeds are beginning to come to light in a more meaningful way than the conservative press circumscribing them week after week. The Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal – the most serious of the administration’s problems right now – is only the tip of the iceberg.

Thus, the president’s removal could gravitate from the realm of “likely” to an imperative in fairly short order.

But what of the black Americans who idolize Obama, voted for him and would do so again? There are millions, and they will no doubt see his fall as an affront to civil rights – especially after activists get involved. The efforts of radical leftists to enroll their followers into misplaced resentment and mobilize them can be seen right now on New York’s Wall Street.

I am here to tell you that concerns over a wholesale uprising of blacks in America should Obama fall are specious; those who have fallen prey to this fear are operating on erroneous data and emotional factors, neither of which are a legitimate basis for public policy.

A lot of these folks are far too concerned with how it will look if local authorities – or even the National Guard – wind up having to break out the tear gas and rubber bullets on rioting blacks in cities all over America. President Obama has acknowledged that we are an oppressor nation, after all; heaven forbid that the Europeans think we’re engaging in a multi-site, black Kent State or some other such atrocity. They might think us uncivilized!

Couple this with the cheekiness of opportunistic career black activists such as Al Sharpton and Cornel West positively engaging the Occupy Wall Street trash, and we have a recipe for all kinds of fear.

But this is all by design; we must not forget that this cauldron has been simmering for decades, though many of the ingredients remain half-baked, and the batch is showing signs of rancidness. This craven, avaricious minority of revolutionaries is still a minority, and they know that if it comes down to force, they will lose.

Then, there are the facts of the matter. In my Sept. 28 column, I pointed to the 25 percent drop in support for the president among blacks as represented in polling data and how it has become more or less apparent that nearly half of all black likely voters have bailed on the president. Responsible blacks – like most Americans at large – simply want to get their feet under them. Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain recently said that black Americans were past the “first black president” love affair; indeed, the honeymoon appears to be over inasmuch as blacks have experienced the reality that a black president can be every bit as deceitful and injurious to them and the nation as a white one.

Some black activist leaders may indeed call for riots if Obama is indicted for criminal activity, or resigns in anticipation thereof. They may, as such people often do, hold that questionable conduct on Obama’s part was somehow acceptable, because white presidents allegedly engaged in similar behavior for 200 years.

Those who would do so should be treated like anyone else attempting to foment civil unrest, thereby presenting imminent danger to the public: They can be jailed. And if the handfuls of losers that Samir “kill cracker babies” Shabazz and his ilk might be able to stir into a froth decide to take to the streets – well, that’s what local law enforcement and the National Guard are for, aren’t they?

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