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The cost of Occupy Wall Street extremists

On Wednesday, Oct. 12, Fox News reported:

“New York City police plan to evict the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters – if only temporarily. The protesters, who have camped out in a city park for more than three weeks, will be forced out Friday so that city crews can help clean the area.”

“New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited Zucotti Park in lower Manhattan on Wednesday evening and made the cleaning announcement citing sanitation concerns from the park’s owner.”

NBC New York reported that Brookfield Properties told police that it had received “hundreds of phone calls and emails from locals complaining about lewdness, groping, drinking and drug use, the lack of safe access to and usage of the park, ongoing noise at all hours, unsanitary conditions and offensive odors.”

NBC also reported: “Protesters will be allowed to return to their designated areas after cleaning is complete.”

This poses the question: Why in the name of common sense is the city allowing these hell-raising and publicly urinating and defecating nutballs to return after the scheduled clean-up of the same place they so dirtied?

And were they ever evacuated so that the clean-up could take place? No, they were not.

The New York Police Department had to spend more than $3.2 million in overtime to keep cops stationed at these protests, rather than ordering police to clear the streets of these despicably dirty and, in some cases, police-assaulting creatures.

Two of America’s most widely syndicated columnists expressed justifiably dim views of all of this.

Michelle Malkin wrote:

Columnist Ann Coulter wrote: