When you’re in the mood and the market to buy furniture, it makes sense not only to buy it for reasons that matter to you, but also for reasons that matter to the health and prosperity of our country.

It makes pure, economic sense to purchase furniture – as well as anything else you buy – from an American producer and not a foreign producer, plain and simple.

After all, it was Republican President William McKinley who once said that the foreign producer “contributes nothing to the support, the progress, and glory of the nation.”

I have recently come across a furniture company that produces only in America not only because officials know it matters to an increasing number of American consumers, but also because it matters to them.

Manchester Wood is that company.

Manchester Wood is also a company that knows the many reasons that its American-made processes and preferences matter such as:

  1. Their furniture is solidly manufactured by American workers with extra attention to detail, quality, and durability.

  2. Their furniture is built from eco-friendly timber from American hardwoods such as White Ash, Soft Maple (also known as Red Maple), and Red Oak.
  3. All lumber is purchased under National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) grading rules, which issues guidelines found here that highlight concerns like the amount and size of knots, wane, color, sap, length and width of board, etc.
  4. The lumber they buy is also certified to be green or eco-friendly by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Strict SFI standards include auditable monitoring of timber/wood flows, product labeling, and prohibition of any timber that is illegally harvested.

In short, Manchester Wood not only goes the extra mile to make all its quality furniture in America with American workers with years of experience, but they do it in a way that goes beyond the standard acceptable processes to be certified in so many ways.

But of course beyond all these great benefits behind buying their furniture, Manchester Wood knows you’ve got to love the furniture you see, and they know you will by browsing their products online or browsing their store in person in Granville, N.Y., where all their furniture is crafted on a 23-acre parcel in their 66,000-square foot factory.

Manchester Wood offers furniture pieces that will add comfort and style to any setting, indoors or outdoors, whether it’s for home or for work. Their solid wood furniture includes glass top, solid cherry, home office, slate top, traditional, shaker, mission, contemporary, solid wood desks, accent tables, and outdoor collections.

If you’re in the market for a media center, bookshelf, cabinet, coffee table, sofa table, end table, entertainment console, secretary desk, shaker desk, side table, pedestal stand, microwave cart, television cart, telephone table, baker’s rack, magazine rack, storage table, tray table set, work/laptop desk, Adirondack chair, outdoor bench or rocker chair, Manchester Wood has a selection you’ll want to see.

Manchester Wood manufactures solid wood furniture and accessories that are distributed through premier furniture stores, mail order, and online catalogs as well as on their website: www.manchesterwood.com.

When you visit them online and see the pictures of their great solid wood furniture, I’m confident you’ll want to learn more about this company that makes its furniture the right way right here in America.

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