The title above is, of course, a play on “The Winter of Our Discontent,” John Steinbeck’s final novel. It is a story of riches to rags, greed and pretense, and how ruinous avarice can be.

Sadly, it’s become the story of America.

Many years ago, American communists determined that they’d never get Americans to revolt in favor of communism because, in comparison to every other nation on Earth, we simply didn’t have anything to complain about. And things were getting better, not worse. In their arrogance however, these supercilious malcontents nevertheless contrived a methodology by which they could bring their revolution about.

Enter “discontempt”: The cultivation of dissatisfaction and contempt for things that far from warranted such sentiments: capitalism, Judeo-Christian tradition and values, Western societal norms – essentially, the entire American paradigm.

Consummation of the aforementioned American Marxist methodology is what we are now witnessing, illustrated in part by the “Occupy” protests occurring worldwide, among other things. Decades of propaganda and indoctrination into entitlement, indolence, debauchery and infantile socialist doctrine finally produced a generation of spoiled, stoned dullards who were malleable enough to convince that fat cartoon bankers in an ivory tower somewhere were the name of their pain, and that protracted loitering and lewd, crude public displays were an appropriate response to our current economic malaise. Their pitifully incoherent narrative simply doesn’t indicate that it should be dignified with a response. “Capitalism sucks,” the participants rail, but all they can provide by way of elucidation upon this are Marxist aphorisms and sheer ignorance.

Aside from the public-health and safety concerns, what it represents is the problem, not the so-called “movement” itself.

While anger over unemployment, corporate welfare and crony capitalism are certainly understandable, it was painfully evident from the beginning that the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters in New York and their comrades in other cities were not part of a movement at all, but an orchestrated phenomenon. This is in part because high-profile American communists had been very publicly encouraging it for months.

It is somewhat ironic that the OWS zombies decry many of the same things the tea-party movement cites, but the OWS protesters are too stupid to recognize it. Obviously, in addition to their insistence upon placing blame in the wrong place, there are vast ideological differences between them and the tea party. It is also an irony that the racism, anger and penchant for violence in which these types so eagerly accuse the tea party of engaging are readily practiced among the “Occupy” protesters.

They [congressional Republicans] said no to putting teachers and construction workers back on the job. They said no to rebuilding our roads and our bridges and our airports. They said no to cutting taxes for middle-class families and small businesses when all they’ve been doing is cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans. They said no to helping veterans find jobs. Essentially they said no to you. …

– Barack Obama, Oct. 17, 2011

Part and parcel of the quiet communist revolution coming to fruition are the machinations of the Obama administration here in the U.S. It is almost fitting that our president reflects the sentiments of coddled, urbanite rebels without a cause, because that’s precisely what he and his colleagues used to be. Here are people who are recommending taking poison (in the form of Obama’s so-called “jobs bill”) to cure America’s ills and employing fearmongering and class warfare to obtain cooperation from their political adversaries.

While rank-and-rile liberals titter at such prognostication, Republican leaders waffle and the press cooperates, events are playing out precisely as some of us said they would before Obama was even elected. Many Americans continue to gnash over Obama’s incompetence, while others clearly see the connections between the “Occupy” events, the president’s insistence upon torching up a 500 billion-dollar bill or two whenever there’s a crisis and other coordinated phenomena.

An increasing number are also beginning to clearly see the end game.

I think that these communists – and they are communists – made a strategic mistake, though. A lot of observers have drawn the comparison between their agenda and the “frog in the pot” analogy, wherein one can successfully boil the frog without it leaping out if the water temperature is only increased slowly enough.

I believe that the radicals in power turned the temperature up a little too fast over the last several years, judging by the reaction of the American people. Another generation or two, and they probably would have sufficiently stultified the intelligence and will of enough voters to succeed, but there are still too many freedom-loving Americans and ones who are willing to fight for the Constitution for them to bring it off cleanly.

The “Occupy” protests, the increasing class tension, Obama’s drive to spend and even such seemingly unrelated factors as the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal – all are focused upon catalyzing economic and civil upheaval so severe that the president, his radical colleagues and international socialists in this country will be given carte blanche in polishing off this nation.

Their miscalculation is that – at this juncture – if they are successful in bringing about that “final conflict,” I don’t think it’s one they can win.

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