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Germans didn't elect the Nazis

There is a widespread misconception that the German people elected the Nazi government.

They didn’t.

The German’s elected a man who – during troubled economic times that followed a flawed peace settlement at the end of World War I – told ordinary German’s it wasn’t their fault. The reason that worked is that Hitler found somebody else to blame.

That “somebody” turned out to be Jewish shopkeepers and small-businessmen. They were the ones who raised prices for consumers as the government printing presses gathered steam and inflation took hold. To most German’s the Jews were “the rich.”

Once the guilty were identified, the solution to Germany’s economic woes became clear. The Jews were forced to turn over more and more of their money, property and businesses to the state, or place them under state control. The state would allocate resources to those who needed them. These people on the receiving end became the Nazi’s strongest supporters.

Sound familiar?

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently asserted that government jobs are more important than private-sector jobs – which he said are doing just fine. As such, Reid said, government jobs must be protected with a new stimulus bill.

Sen. Reid is living proof that you can’t fix stupid. Harry obviously has no understanding of how investment, entrepreneurship, private job creation, government taxation and government jobs are inter-related in a free economy. He doesn’t have a flawed understanding. He has no understanding. So why did the Democrats in the Senate elect Harry as Senate majority leader?

When the people in charge don’t know how the economy works – how do you expect them to fix it? Electing Harry Reid majority leader during an economic death spiral makes about as much sense as calling Joe the Plumber when you’re having a heart attack. Except Joe would probably have the good sense to tell you to call the hospital.

German’s did elect a talented orator to fix their problems. Hitler was quite fond of ejecting hecklers from his speeches, which were then devoted to “firing up the base,” in today’s vernacular. His propaganda outlets demonized the opposition. He seized on the violence the communists stirred up to consolidate his power. One by one he brought the various elements of German culture under his control, including the schools and the churches.

And the Germans, who had elected an orator to solve their problems, ended up with a god in human form at the helm of the state. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Of course, this is America. And such things could never happen here. The estimated 60,000 TSA employees are not an illegal federal police force that can set up at train stations and bus stations as well as airports. Secret lists and secret kill orders for American citizens don’t exist. Constitutional protections still apply. Congress doesn’t fund undeclared wars. Government gunrunning operations found selling weapons to Mexican drug gangs never happen. The federal government doesn’t use the EPA to control business, or the taxpayer golden goose to pick winners and losers in auto manufacturing and solar panels. Unions and other supporters haven’t gotten waivers from Obamacare’s rationing and death panels. And Harry Reid really does understand the economy.

But I digress. We don’t teach history anymore. After all, how can what happened so many years ago really matter today?

(For a good thumbnail of the Nazi development in Germany, check out Dr. David A. Meier’s webpage.)