No doubt about it. When Americans touch a nerve by calling attention to the truth, the establishment hits back with a campaign of destruction, personal or otherwise.

A perfect example is the state of Arizona, which has a bull’s-eye on its back. Arizona is sued by the Obama administration. There are smear campaigns against Gov. Jan Brewer for signing laws to protect her state from a massive foreign invasion, and state Sen. Russell Pearce faces the first-ever recall of an elected state official in Arizona history, because he authored S.B.1070, a law to protect the state, law enforcement and citizens.

The issue is the ongoing problem of illegal aliens. Thousands of illegals cross Arizona’s southern border from Mexico every week. Most are Mexicans; the rest are designated by authorities as “OTMs” – “Other Than Mexicans,” and that includes people from countries across the world, including terrorist nations.

These people enter the United States with impunity: some on their own to find work, others smuggled by human traffickers and others involved with international cartels dealing in drug and weapon smuggling.

On every level, it’s a dangerous situation, with a lot of money at stake and a lot of winking and blinking at immigration laws on the part of the federal government and businesses.

The problem isn’t new, but it’s gotten worse over the last decades. One of the main reasons is that the federal government has mixed politics in the situation, worrying about the Hispanic vote, resulting in the lackluster federal enforcement of existing immigration laws as well as reduced efforts to secure the border itself.

Simply described, the border is a sieve. It’s a haphazard mix of some fencing, some drones, some Border Patrol, some local police and sheriff deputies and mostly, a lot of open space.

In other words, come on in! And they do. Once across the border, illegals disappear into Arizona and from there they move on their own or are transported to locations across the country where businesses hire them.

Holding such jobs is illegal but is accepted. Many work for cash. They don’t pay taxes and they apply for and get benefits on many levels – food, housing, education, medical, driver’s licenses and much, much more.

State and local law enforcement are at the mercy of this legal carelessness and ultimately, residents – American citizens – are the victims of crimes committed by illegals. They suffer physical dangers and attacks, murder, carjacking, robberies, burglaries, property damage and ongoing intimidation.

The financial burden on communities across the country is enormous, and yet the issue is such a politically correct hot button that most politicians avoid it.

But not all politicians do, and the first real pushback came in Arizona. Residents were (and are) fed up with bearing the burden of the invasion of illegals and getting little, if any, help from the feds, that they undertook state laws to let them enforce federal law.

The goal was, and is, to ease the financial burden on the state and to give law enforcement the tools to deal with illegals involved in crime situations.

The one Arizona law, which got national attention, is S.B. 1070, authored by state Sen. Pearce, passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Brewer. A full 73 percent of Arizonans supported it, as did 60 percent of legal Hispanics in the state.

So-called “immigrant-rights organizations” hated it with a passion, and still do.

It set off a storm of national opposition and slanderous accusations against the principals involved. Exaggerations and lies about the scope of the bill flooded the state from the White House on down.

Not to put too fine a point on it: The bill was portrayed as being anti-immigrant rather than being pro-American citizen.

Gov. Brewer continues to face flak for having signed the bill, even though more than 30 states are in the process of adopting similar measures. The feds sued Arizona to overturn S.B.1070. Brewer countersued.

Just last week, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton dismissed Arizona’s lawsuit against the federal government, which claimed the Obama administration failed its duty to enforce immigration laws or secure the border.

The judge said the government took “substantial action” dealing with border fences and other infrastructure to deal with illegals.

It’s a victory for the Obama administration.

Sen. Pearce, the author of S.B.1070 who was just overwhelmingly re-elected, finds himself the target of a recall effort. Early voting has started; the official Election Day is Nov. 8.

Pearce, a staunch conservative Republican, has authored numerous bills to protect citizens and property rights, safe elections and voter ID protections. He was in law enforcement for 23 years and has wide professional and community support.

He’s now targeted in a smear campaign led by Randy Parraz, a California Democrat who worked for nine years for the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded by Saul Alinsky. He’s a community organizer!

Teaming up with far-left immigrant rights groups La Raza, Aztlan supporters, MEChA, the Border Action Network and others, Parraz recruited a nominal Republican, non-politician, Jerry Lewis, to run against Pearce. It’s no coincidence that Lewis is a Mormon, as is Pearce.

This leftist opposition to a duly elected official because of his authorship of a legally passed law, has pulled out all the stops – racism, nativism, personal attacks, slanderous personal allegations and even religion.

Keep in mind, Parraz was also behind the anti-1070, boycott-Arizona efforts.

Keep in mind, the media have virtually ignored Parraz’ leftist connections.

Gov. Brewer describes the whole situation as dealing with an arrogant, out-of-control federal government, which hasn’t protected the people.

She says S.B.1070 was passed to protect Arizona citizens and the result was, “We were demonized and called racists. We were sued and treated like subjects instead of citizens.”

Welcome to Obamaland.

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