A federal judge on Tuesday blocked part of a new abortion law in North Carolina stating that providers must show an ultrasound image to pregnant women considering an abortion.


Why wouldn’t this judge and these pro-choicers want the mother to see her child before its murdered in her womb? Is it not because they know when a mother sees her child, she will preserve life rather than take it? This doesn’t work for their agenda.

Since the abortion agenda is pushed on students in America’s public schools, I decided to show them what the pro-choicers advocate. In most cases, students don’t know what an abortion truly is.

Watch as an armed guard escorts my ministry team and I out of a school assembly program because of a “tolerant” principal who is clearly advocating abortion. Out of 600 students present, three individuals (two teachers and one student) were supposedly so offended that they had to stop my assembly and disregard the 597 others in the room who were just being educated about abortion.

Here is a longer version of this video, which is excerpted from my DVD series, “My War”:

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