Herman Cain, as a conservative black man, faces unprecedented bigotry from a liberal media that constantly applauds itself for enlightened attitudes.

One of the ugliest of racial stereotypes is that black men have large and uncontrollable sexual impulses. Many a hanging tree across America silently testifies to the unproven allegations that a black man made unwanted advances to a local white girl. Alleged rape or unwanted sexual contact was a constantly used tool by Southern elites to unburden their communities of black men they didn’t like or feared.

Now, the liberal elite in the media have decided the Cain Train has gotten too long. They fear that the plainspoken business executive with a genuine American success story to tell threatens their power. They fear Herman Cain, so they are launching a high-tech, Internet-based lynching.

The goal is to embarrass Herman Cain, yes, but even more importantly, their goal is to create fear in the hearts of women. Politico, the publication that published its unfounded story should be ashamed. The story alleges that two unnamed women were paid off to keep silent about sexual advances made by Cain some 20 years ago. Despicable journalism, no documents presented, no firsthand testimony, just unnamed sources offering disgusting vile allegations.

Read the story before it unfolds! Herman Cain’s latest book is now available: “This is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House”

We have been doing research of our own, and here is what a woman who has worked with Herman Cain for the last 12 years, and will go on the record, says: “I’ve been around Herman now for 12 years, and he has never done or said anything inappropriate around me or any other female I know, so … I think he may have run into a couple of gold diggers.”

Our source is no less than Arizona State Sen. Lori Klein. She worked hand in hand with Herman Cain, even traveling with him, while she was a fundraiser for the FairTax movement.

Herman Cain is an incredibly likable man. Every time we have met with him, we have been so impressed with his warm personality and gentlemanly demeanor. Our 16-year-old white daughter embraced him with a hug at an event recently here in Arizona. And now the liberal media want to plant the ugly seeds of fear in women like my young daughter. We have confidence that this story is a set-up, not because of campaign denials, but from our firsthand interactions with the man.

Also, we know the story of what white liberals did to another black man, Clarence Thomas, at his confirmation hearings 20 years ago. The same ugly playbook was called out to try and stop a respected jurist from taking his rightful place on the U.S. Supreme Court.

At work here is fear by liberals that they will see Cain break the stranglehold they have on the votes of black Americans. Barack Obama is president today because he received 98 percent of the black vote, and Herman Cain told us recently that he believes he could receive as much as 30 percent of the black vote in a head- to-head race against Obama.

The elites in the media in unity with the elites of the Democratic Party know Herman Cain will build an electoral coalition that cannot be beat.

Herman Cain threatens them. Herman Cain is feared by them. Not because of these unsubstantiated allegations, but because he has the potential to take with him “off the plantation” millions of other black Americans. He shows by example that the American dream is open to all with the pluck, energy and drive to succeed.

Herman, we are praying for you.

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