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Sign petition to pardon Border Patrol agent

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Jesus Diaz Jr.

Outrage over a U.S. Border Patrol agent sentenced to 24 months in jail for merely grabbing an illegal-alien drug smuggler by the arms during an arrest has resulted in a petition, launched by WND, urging Congress to immediately secure a full pardon and restitution for Agent Jesus Diaz and demanding that the Justice Department stop persecuting courageous Border Patrol agents protecting our nation while supplying murderous Mexican drug warlords with firearms, which have been used against our law-enforcement officers.

WND’s past petitions have had a strong track record, including one to help free U.S. Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean from prison, which the Ramos and Compean families credited with helping to secure a commutation of their sentences. Another petition dealing with the Obama eligibility question gathered more than 500,000 names, and waspersonally received by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

In October of 2008, Diaz, a seven-year veteran of the Border Patrol, was part of a team of border agents who apprehended a small group of illegal-alien drug smugglers. The smugglers had crossed the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas, transporting bags filled with marijuana.

Officer Diaz allegedly tugged or lifted a 15-year-old man’s handcuffed wrists during the arrest. The smuggler lodged a complaint with the Mexican consul, saying he had been “beaten,” yet photos taken at the time showed no bruises, cuts or other signs of abuse.

According to reports, Diaz was prosecuted at the request of the Mexican consul. The prosecution was conducted after the juvenile suspect, who reportedly was caught with some 75 pounds of drugs he had smuggled into the U.S., was given immunity by the U.S. government.

Diaz had already been cleared of wrongdoing in two separate investigations – one by Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General and the other by Custom Enforcement’s Office of Professional Responsibility – before overzealous federal prosecutors, pressured by the Mexican government, finally insisted on bringing a case

The WND petition, addressing every member of the U.S. Congress, notes that the same Eric Holder-led Justice Department prosecuting Border Patrol agents for doing their job has been supplying ultra-violent Mexican drug cartels with hundreds of high-powered firearms through Operation “Fast and Furious” – which has resulted in countless deaths, including at least one U.S. law enforcement officer.

The petition also indicates that the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council concluded: “We have reviewed the paperwork … as well as the official court transcripts. … The government’s case is based on false testimony that is contradicted by the facts.”

“[T]he conviction of Diaz for ‘lifting handcuffs’ establishes an extremely dangerous precedent and simultaneously destroys the morale of the 20,400 officers of the Border Patrol who are engaged in a difficult and dangerous job defending our nation’s borders from invasion,” the petition states.

“We, the undersigned, demand that the 112th Congress immediately secure a full pardon and restitution for U.S. Border Patrol Agent Jesus Diaz. We likewise demand an end to the perversity of the Obama Justice Department which, influenced by Mexican politicians, is persecuting courageous Border Patrol agents protecting our nation, while supplying murderous Mexican drug warlords with firearms, which have been used against our law enforcement officers. This is intolerable and must stop now.” (Sign petition now.)

Sign the petition demanding that Congress pardon Jesus Diaz and stop persecuting courageous Border Patrol agents protecting our nation.

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