One of the very few television programs I watch with any regularity soured like yak’s milk for me the other night when viewers were subjected to one of those obsequious and wholly gratuitous displays of homophilia that I imagine is being couched by the show’s writers and producers as “solidarity” with the LGBT community at large.

“Sanctuary” is an imaginative, quality offering from The Sci-Fi Channel. The program chronicles the exploits of a British scientist, played by Amanda Tapping (also of the “Stargate” series), and her colleagues. They run an international outfit that seeks out sentient creatures (some human, some not) who possess unusual powers and abilities “far beyond those of mortal men” in a contemporary setting.

So, I’m watching the final seconds of the most recent episode, when Tapping’s character and a young, attractive woman she’s just rescued from mercenaries spontaneously (and furiously) start sucking face. To someone like me, who watches this fare for its pure escapist value, it was completely out of left field.

Really? I thought with apposite disgust.

Disgust not so much because I find two women furiously sucking face offensive – I do – but because of the methods, motives and blind, egocentric arrogance of those involved; these being the writer, producers, performers and the network.

Granted that 99 percent of those likely to be involved in any television series are going to be simpatico vis-à-vis the issue of homosexuality, and this series is produced in Canada, which is a societal horror show to start with. But Americans are sick of having homoerotica rammed down our throats, sick of the meager percentage of homosexual activists misrepresenting their numbers and sick of them indoctrinating our children. We’re also sick of the fallacy of “oppressed” gays; one would be hard-pressed to identify another special-interest group or minority that has more inordinate political influence for their numbers.

In short, we’re sick of this minority being allowed to dictate the moral agenda in America with no other justification than their willingness to call us names if we don’t capitulate to their demands.

The producers of “Sanctuary” are aware that the show has an enormous American audience, there being only 50 or so people residing in all of Canada. And the network is aware of this, too. That, for your elucidation, would be NBC Universal, in which Obama pal General Electric holds a major interest.

That’s why we start with kids, right? We can affect who they will be forever.

– Michelle Obama, Oct. 18, 2011

Which brings me to my point: Offensive though such phenomena may be, they’re not about homosexuality at all. They’re sociopolitical devices crafted to aid in the transformation of America into a bacchanalian freak parade, thus facilitating more ready manipulation of her people – us.

For example: Tapping and the other actress in the “Sanctuary” installment I referenced are far from being bearded bull-dykes, so the producers even managed to tap into that contingent of men who find attractive women in lesbian encounters erotic. A show in this genre is about as far from needing to make such statements as it gets, and it’s an inappropriate venue for same, since it has a lot of young fans – but that’s part of the attraction, isn’t it?. Get ’em while they’re young, as Michelle Obama said.

It’s no wonder to me that mainstream Christians (as opposed to uber-Millennialists) are starting to ask themselves if we’re living in the End Times – the aggregate proliferation of the intangible, evil miasma surrounding us is so uncanny. An informed individual of the secular sort might be more comfortable with an impending “Fall of Rome II” than the End Times, but the take away here is that a lot of our nation’s most serious issues do appear to be coming to a head all at once. The Obama administration is clandestinely rewriting law, compromising our national security and sabotaging the economy; card-carrying communists are fomenting class warfare and civil unrest; the press frames it all as either justifiable or non-newsworthy, while we’re encouraged to actually care about the exploits of a pampered, shallow celebrity slut who files for divorce after 72 days of marriage.

In the meantime, prominent conservatives continue to debate liberals as though – considering all the empirical evidence confirming the evil of their doctrine – they deserved a fair hearing.

Leaving aside the activism of special interests, the Fall of Rome, the Mayan calendar and Millennialist dogma, let us remember that we are engaged in a war on many fronts, one in which the enemy is coordinating operations on political, social and moral beachheads. Despite the left’s bleating over conservatives’ desire to oppress others, we know that most conservative Americans don’t concern themselves with what adults do in their bedrooms. We don’t really want to know about the sexual lives of Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen DeGeneres, or Elton John (yikes), and we could care less whether Kim Kardashian’s plumbing falls out.

In this war, we need but remain steadfast, knowing that the enemy’s weapons are inferior ones, and that prevailing against them essentially translates into forging ahead, and not engaging our adversary at all.

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