Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh isn’t a fan of New York City and its liberal political bent. However, on Nov. 29 he makes a rare public appearance in the Big Apple, at an event dubbed “Rush Live.”

Sponsor New York’s WABC Radio states, “The last time El Rushbo visited his New York audience was in 2005 to a sold out crowd. While Rush isn’t bashful about criticizing New York politicians and tax policies, he jokes that he’s going ‘behind enemy lines’ because he loves his New York listeners and his flagship station.”

Limbaugh is used to being called a “racist,” but this week, a pundit at MSNBC pushed Rush too far. Limbaugh countered that his accusers, by targeting Herman Cain for destruction, were the real racists.

He told listeners (FREE audio): “For 23 years I’m a ‘racist;’ and I’m not, never have been. You guys are. We say it. You don’t like it. Yeah. Exactly. They used it on one of their own, and we caught it and pointed it out, but that 2008 presidential campaign was rife with racism on the Democrat side.”

Michael Savage

On Halloween night, Michael Savage didn’t mask his opinions. He accused of dirty “tricks,” for spreading “sexual harassment” rumors about presidential candidate Herman Cain.

After reminding listeners that he was one of the first to interview Cain last August, Savage compared Cain to the current president.

Savage told listeners why the establishment is so worried about Cain: “He has real degrees in computer science and mathematics, not like the fake president we have now, who has one fake degree after another. Obama won’t even disclose his college records.

“How many scandals have been hidden about Obama’s background?” he asked. “And yet we have an allegation about Cain from a left-wing hack site called Politico. That site is something that would have operated freely in the ex-Soviet Union” (FREE audio):

The Talk Stream Live directory has announced that Michael Savage’s audience grew an amazing 27 percent over this time last month!

Michael Savage’s show is holding onto its No. 2 spot on the list of “Top 25 Streaming Talk Radio Shows,” which measures how many people listen via the web. This is at a time when other conservative talk show hosts have seen their listener numbers peak, flat line or even dip.

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity was profiled in – of all things – the latest issue of men’s style magazine GQ. Surprisingly, the interview touched only briefly on presidential politics, focusing mainly on Hannity’s clothing choices. He confessed to hating to wear neckties on his TV show, but when he did, he preferred those from Donald Trump’s clothing collection.

On the air, attorney Stanley Cohen (whose clients include the political wing of Hamas) and activist/author David Horowitz exchanged heated words about Israel’s options in dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

“Stanley, you’re a traitor to the Jews and you’re a Nazi, that’s what you are,” declared Horowitz, “and you’re supporting Nazis in the Middle East” (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

After the left-leaning website published their allegations about Republican candidate Herman Cain, Mark Levin accused the “phony website” of launching a smear campaign. Levin added that is not an objective news organization but an informal “Barack Obama campaign website” (FREE audio).

Among those jumping on the bandwagon to attack Herman Cain was former Bush campaign advisor and “establishment Republican” Karl Rove. Levin mocked Rove’s contention that Cain was now “unelectable” (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Ingraham asked guest Mike Huckabee what he thought of Politico’s reporting on the Cain “sexual harassment” allegations.

He replied, “Quite frankly, knowing some of the reporters involved – they’re not that good.”

Herman Cain himself joined Laura Ingraham to address the issue directly, adding that he’d just had his biggest fundraising day ever.

After their exchange, Ingraham told her audience, “I’m not one bit worried about Herman Cain and the idea that he would be a serial offender, sexual or otherwise, toward women” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck has long been targeted by the satirical magazine The Onion. However, he happily made a cameo appearance in a new video spoof put out by that magazine’s Internet television division, showing that he can laugh at himself almost as much as others do.

And now, from the left side of the dial …

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from “progressive” radio talk show host Mike Malloy. However, he’s back on the radar screen with his latest provocation.

Last year on his show, Malloy called for the deaths of conservative commentators. Pretty outrageous. In fact, that’s the sort “inflammatory rhetoric” his fellow liberals accuse conservatives of using all the time.

Now Malloy is projecting his fantasies onto others, denouncing Ann Coulter as a “deeply closeted killer” and a “real murderess” who is probably “in a suicide pact with Glenn Beck.”

Funny, I can’t recall Glenn Beck ever inviting Coulter on his shows or mentioning her name in all these years. They aren’t exactly known to be friends. But that doesn’t matter to someone like Malloy. For him, they’re just two famous “bogeymen” whose names his listeners will immediately recognize as “bad guys.” I guess Malloy was too lazy to come up with a cleverer concept.

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