I have for many years argued the media don’t report, they sway opinion and polarize. And the more sordid the issue, the more aggressively they go after it.

In my Thursday morning live daily rant with Craig Henne, on WPBR 1340 AM in Palm Beach, Fla., I stated, “[I] was convinced that those responsible for reporting the news – and specific to that point, the news programming conglomerate as a whole – had long ago shed any pretense of reporting – it’s just that the public, in significant numbers, had yet to realize same.” I questioned if, in fact, the media “had ever really produced anything or if they weren’t always about spin, distorting the truth and sensationalizing.”

I offer, as examples for your consideration, the Casey Anthony child-murder trial, Charlie Sheen and that which this media, with a straight face, attempted to do to Herman Cain. They were shamelessly complicit in the attempt to destroy a principled man.

The media set themselves up as judge and jury, and under the pretext of being fair and balanced, they took a man’s sterling reputation and sought to destroy it. It was the equivalent of a truffle oil and white corn reduction sauce, from Miss Elizabeth’s Catering in the East Village, being turned into something that flows through the sewers.

They cast aspersions and invoke judgment when they themselves are guilty of much more. What happened with Bill O’Reilly’s sex scandal? Infidelity, scandal and sexual impropriety are as legion among the media ranks today as drugs, alcohol, anti-Semitism, racial bigotry and sexual impropriety were in their prior history. This is the history and these are the people who are tearing down Herman Cain.

We don’t have a press or media. We have cronyism, politburos and a cabal of T & A with painted faces and coiffured hair, with long legs in designer clothing capable of reading without blinking. And men who give new meaning to the phrase “the kinda guy a feminist would love.” They have turned that which of necessity we should be able to trust into agitprop. And they want us to believe Herman is guilty of being a serial philanderer like Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Well, Herman isn’t like them, and we’re not going to listen to their feckless and dishonest attempts not to just manage the news, but create it as well.

Here’s a question for these so-called news persons: Did they bring up Al Sharpton’s past when he appeared on their shows during his farcical presidential run? Did they question Jesse Jackson per his lying about Martin Luther King dying in his arms? Did they question Jackson about why he switched from pro-life to pro-death? As a matter of fact, why is it that not one news person has asked Jackson or Sharpton why they support a culture of death that, in roughly 40 years, has murdered over one-quarter of American black people.

In their rush to be first, and in their zealousness to destroy, the media have behaved like dogs chasing a female dog that is in season. They are more wretched than those cashing in from human trafficking.

In court, judges recuse themselves if they have a case wherein any past behavior or questionable relationship challenges the fairness of their potential ruling. Imagine how much differently the news would be delivered and reporting would be if the person or persons doing the reporting had to declare if the crime or accusation was or wasn’t in their personal background.

The media’s preening smugness, as they discard all pretense of objectivity when discussing Herman, disgusts me. A clip of Herman speaking to the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity was showed on Megyn Kelly’s news show on Fox News. It showed him joking about not needing the teleprompters that were placed by the podium.

You tell me why Kelly thought it was necessary to make a condescending face after airing the clip. Did she think we were amused by her antics? Or did it not occur to her that we were still seething over what I and most others believe was a Republican hatchet attack on Herman, from the elite ranks of their public face?

Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and CNN teeter on the brink of becoming sad footnotes of what not to be in media – and, while the “fair and balanced” team enjoys a certain popularity today, I suggest they remember why they’re there and what it is they are there to do. I suggest that they remember why people watch their programming. We want the news presented in a clear and undiluted way. They cannot say that ‘s what they did in Herman Cain’s case.

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