By Michael F. Haverluck

Αre “gay” studies programs at America’s colleges legitimate academic pursuits or an attempt to push, via education, an agenda to normalize homosexuality?

California State University Fullerton became the latest CSU school to offer a Queer Studies minor this fall, and President Randy Thomasson, a prominent pro-family voice in the Golden State’s Proposition 8 battle to protect marriage as the union between one man and one woman, argues there’s an agenda behind the increasingly common courses.

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Thomasson contends that the Queer Studies program is not education at all but a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, or LGBT, indoctrination program that hides the facts about homosexual behavior and only serves the purpose of promoting unhealthy lifestyles.

“Teaching young adults who have already been taught lies about sexuality as children this non-academic ‘academic’ minor will train them to be homosexual-bisexual-transsexual activists that attack everything good and sacred in our culture,” Thomasson said in an interview with WND. “LGBT activists, organizations and writers have been packaging their lies for years. This program will download it further into the brains of young adults. It’s ‘boot camp’ to become a homosexual activist.”

He sees it as a recruitment program that sells homosexual propaganda, as opposed to an educational program, since it doesn’t teach the facts about the dangers of the risky lifestyle.

“This is not a true study [that sets out] to discover the unnatural, unhealthy behavior of homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality,” Thomasson added. “Indeed, this is training up an immoral army of soldiers to attack real marriage, the natural family, and to rope more children into sexual darkness.”

Thomasson also alerts families that that the program teaches students to be reckless and irresponsible, while telling them that they are powerless to control themselves sexually.

“‘Queer studies’ teaches you can do anything sexual you want without negative consequences or moral accountability to God, and that you have no ability to choose whether or not to engage in sexual behaviors,” the pro-family leader asserted. “This philosophy essentially turns man into an animal, but less than an animal, because beasts follow God’s natural order of sexuality.”

But the faculty at CSU-Fullerton has a much different perspective regarding the mission of its program.

“People have become so much better informed about the situation with gays and lesbians in our society,” CSUF American Studies Professor John Ibson reported to the Orange County Register. “I’m happy to see the university live up to its mission as a place that is in favor of tolerance and freedom of thought and inquiry.”

The university’s website states, “Queer Studies examines the dynamics of heteronormativity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender roles,” and it proclaims that students will receive many benefits from their enrollment in the program.

“A Queer Studies Minor designation on a student’s transcript distinguishes them affirmatively in application to graduate school across many fields,” the CSUF website reads. “Additionally, it makes students more competitive for employment and internships in fields including social work, counseling, education, healthcare, social service, government, the law and nonprofit advocacy. In a private-sector job market with increasing demand for sensitivity and nuance to issues of diversity, social marketing, and critical/intellectual flexibility, a Queer Studies Minor positions CSUF graduates on the leading edge of cultural, social, political and scientific knowledges, and it recognizes their specific expertise in one of the most culturally and politically relevant topics of our time.”

Eight California laws have been passed over the years that require positive teaching of LGBT issues in public schools, with the latest, SB-48, going into effect in January.

Thomasson warns, however, the laws are merely breeding grounds for the public university programs.

“Children left in the K-12 government school system will be sexually indoctrinated because of [the] raft of laws requiring it,” the founder stressed. “With these harmful homosexual-bisexual-transsexual activism programs popping up at more colleges and universities, these confused children will be trained as adults to fight to advance lies and trample the rights of everyone who disagrees.”

Thomasson notes that the list of California academic institutions now offering the Queer Studies program is “definitely more than [the] four state colleges and universities mentioned by the big media.”

Five schools in the California State University system currently offer a minor in the program, including San Diego State, while seven schools in the system offer it, including UCLA and UC Berkeley. Most Americans are unaware that dozens of these programs exist across the country at public universities.

Additionally, five other state schools are either working to offer the program or have had Queer Studies courses on their campuses.

Even though this tide of programs sweeping the U.S. claims to be academic in nature, Thomasson attests they falsely teach that homosexuality is genetically acquired.

“Homosexual researchers have even looked for a genome, such as can be found for Alzheimer’s, but it’s not there,” Thomasson stated.

He says there are no objective studies indicating that there is such a thing as a “gay” gene. He often points to the following quote by Marianne LaFrance to show the direction homosexual activism is going in academic institutions:

The former chair of the Larry Kramer Initiative of Lesbian and Gay Studies at Yale University declared, “Now we’re asking not just what causes homosexuality, but also what causes heterosexuality.”

Thomasson contends that there is no reasoning behind her statement.

“By claiming sexual perversion as ‘normal,’ she is failing to think, talk or act logically. The burden of proving a claim that goes against the norm is upon the one making the claim,” Thomasson argues. “There is no ‘gay gene,’ but there are thousands and thousands of former homosexuals who have left that lifestyle for good. Homosexuality is a behavior, bisexuality is obviously a choice, and transsexuality is obviously unnatural (‘sex changes’ require a scalpel).”

He explains that there is a common denominator found in individuals who practice homosexual behavior.

“Many have been molested in their youth, or have had an estranged emotional relationship with their father or mother,” said Thomasson, who used Chaz Bono as one example.

“I am just amazed that there are people like Chastity Bono, of the Sonny and Cher family, and that she wrote that she was molested by a female babysitter and then she cuts off her healthy breasts and says her name is Chaz and goes from lesbian to transsexual, and she doesn’t see the connection.” Thomasson recently stated on “The Janet Mefferd Show.” “Well when you have your emotional identity messed with and your sexual identity messed with, then it’s very easy to promote that as normal when it’s not normal.”

The president sees this biased promotion inculcating students at early ages.

“They are indoctrinating college students to think that homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality are good and natural, maybe even for them,” Thomasson asserted. “But more so, because the students that are interested in this are already relativistic, because of the government school mentality they’ve been in from kindergarten through 12th grade probably, they are sitting ducks to become activists. So this is training up an army of intolerant activists who want to trample parental rights, religious freedom, marriage, the Boy Scouts, property rights, business rights, medical doctor rights … free speech, religious freedom … this is very dangerous.”

Thomasson has advice for those who want to stand up and challenge the pro-homosexual, anti-family advocates in public education.

“Don’t go there, write the university president to say why you’re boycotting the university, speak out about ‘queer studies’ being non-academic.”

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