That mainlining press term – bimbo eruptions – was coined during the Clinton administration. Bill Clinton, Monica’s blue dress with Bill’s little love stains and his then perjurious testimony was simply a distraction from all the good work he was doing for the country. Or so the press told us.

The U.S. Senate, the body (an appropriate terminology) in which Clinton was tried for impeachment, saw no abuse of power in Clinton using the Oval Office to procure sexual favors from a dazzled, 18-year-old White House intern. The same Senate saw no problem in the president lying to America first – and later the court – about his tireless sexual efforts as America’s stud-in-chief.

In other words, it was no big deal. At least for Democratic senators, who voted unanimously not to convict. Or for the Democratic media, which coined a term that, shall we say, lacked the usual gravitas they normally attach to such incidents. (The U.S. Supreme Court later voted to inflict Clinton’s only symbolic punishment, the forfeiture of his law license for perjury.)

In his earlier days, then-Gov. Clinton had been fond of using the highway patrol in Arkansas to deliver himself and his “dates” to various motel rooms, where at least one was rather viciously raped by Clinton. No abuse of power there, either.

All in a day’s work, provided you’re a Democratic politician, and remember to placate the feminist vigilance committees with more government and lawyer tools to help pad their purses and destroy men who step out of line (i.e. don’t give feminists what they want).

Of course, if you’re a black conservative man, don’t even think about living the Bill Clinton lifestyle, baby! We’re talking serious media lynching here, boy. Ask Clarence Thomas. The feminist standard during his lynching was set early in the media onslaught: The seriousness of the allegations, not guilt or innocence, were to determine the outcome.

My theory about why sex scandals are so popular in the media is threefold:

First, it’s one of the few things mainline media personalities actually understand and can competently report, given the abbreviated education most journalists receive in J-school.

Second, it’s one of the few things their dumbed-down lefty audiences care about (who’s sleeping with whom has sold a lot of soap over the years).

Third – and here I’m only guessing – most feminist media personalities (are there any other kind?) have been invited to perform services outside their normal duties to advance their careers. Now that she’s reaped the benefits of her efforts, it’s payback time for men in general, baby!

Regardless of whether Herman Cain survives this DNC desperation attack or not, the remaining Republican candidates need to get a clue. Forget trying to cover up your past; if it isn’t sordid enough, someone can be paid to enhance it. And if it wasn’t there in the first place, someone can be paid to say that it was. And that’s all the media need to gain control of the conversation.

When we were kids growing up, and the inevitable snowball fights erupted after a new snowfall, people generally fell into two camps. Some went home crying to mommy that little Dicky had hit him with a snowball. Others rubbed their bruises, banded together to build a fort, and made ice-balls with the nice wet snow. When the perpetrator or one of his accomplices came by, we gave him what he so richly deserved.

The press is no different than any other bully. And reporters who enjoy carrying the DNC’s dirty water to dump on Republicans will think better of it once they get hit with a frozen bucket or two.

Dismiss the allegations, stay on message and dump the skeletons rattling around in that big name reporter’s closet out in the public square. After all, the media love a scandal.

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