Herman Cain

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain is reportedly prepared to make a “major announcement” this evening on talk radio’s The Michael Savage Show.

Cain is expected to be on air with Savage, whose syndicated program is broadcast live, Monday through Friday, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET. Listen to the Savage show live here.

Cain has been the center of national attention recently, both for his meteoric rise in the Republican presidential primary polls and over unproven allegations of sexual harassment.

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Savage’s program, ranked by Talkers Magazine as the 3rd largest syndicated talk show in the U.S., will give the candidate a platform of an estimated 9 million listeners on over 300 stations to address the issues and controversies surrounding his campaign.

Τalk Radio Network, which syndicates Savage’s show, released word of Cain’s planned “major announcement” prior to his appearance tonight, but has been mum on the nature of the news.

Cain has appeared on Savage’s show before, including an interview where the two discussed Cain’s experience as Godfather’s Pizza CEO and the CEO of the National Restaurant Association.

“I’ve not only run small businesses and medium-size businesses, saved businesses and started businesses, I’ve actually made the sandwiches and made the pizzas,” Cain told “The Savage Nation” listening audience.

Acknowledging that Romney ran financial investment firms, Savage said Cain, nevertheless, is the only candidate he’s aware of “who produced a product or service that is of any value whatsoever.”

“In terms of a product, I’ll take a pizza over a fiduciary instrument any day,” Savage quipped.

Cain, who was profiled by WND last year is also an associate minister at Antioch Baptist Church in Atlanta, a  weekly columnist for WND and author of several books, including “This is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House.” He hosted a talk-radio show on WSB in Atlanta that was put on hold in February as he pursued a presidential run.

“I never wanted to run for president,” Cain told Savage. “This wasn’t a lifelong dream.”

But he said he believes he has a responsibility to fulfill.

“I have done this because this country has been good to me, and from my humble beginnings I have been able to achieve my American Dream and then some,” he said.

Cain said he also is concerned about the future for his three grandchildren.

“And I’m thinking about all of the other faces out there, and what are we going to leave to them?”

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