We’ve seen Herman Cain accuser Sharon Bialek before – only then she was making references to pubic hairs in Coke cans and “Long Dong Silver.” In that theatrical production she was portrayed as the more comely and much less vivacious Anita Hill, with Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas in the role of Herman Cain.

And while her role has been reprised and set in modern-day politics, with Gloria Allred as the new director, the crew, stagehands and financiers remain the same. The plot has remained the same as well, i.e., prominent conservative (black) professional seeking high office suddenly has phalanx of women jump out of woodwork to make claims of sexual impropriety, heretofore never associated with said professional.

We saw “Bialek” in the dual role of liberal Democrats and liberal Republicans who, with bared teeth and foaming mouths, viciously set upon the current governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley. In that role, she attacked the United States’ first Indian-American woman governor, because apparently Haley had marked her race as “white” on a voter registration form in South Carolina. Haley, who is the daughter of Punjabi storeowners, was savagely disparaged for what may or may not have been intentional.

For something as insignificant as that, the Republican version of Bialek called her the most corrupt person to occupy the governor’s mansion since Reconstruction, and by the Democratic version, she was said to be a minority only when it suited her.

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Most importantly, let us not forget that we saw the equivalent of her when Nikki Haley was accused by shadowy figures of having a secret love nest in Washington, D.C. When that didn’t work, there was a procession of men who were paraded to the microphones, alleging that they had slept with the married then-gubernatorial candidate, with each one offering a more salacious rendering of their supposed sexual involvement.

And when that didn’t derail her campaign, rumors of her and her husband having an open marriage suddenly emerged. These were followed by the media parsing of her words – concluding that while she denied being unfaithful to her husband, she didn’t deny that she had an open marriage – ergo she was guilty.

We saw shades of Bialek when Sarah Palin was ruthlessly maligned by Karl Rove, John McCain’s daughter, Charles Krauthammer and nearly all in the media. There was nothing she could do right. When Rove thought she might mount a presidential bid, his rebukes became incendiary. He mocked and derided the reality show about her family, which, despite Rove’s condemnation of same, did wonders for the Alaskan tourist bureau. Krauthammer and Rove maligned her for stepping down as governor, even though the Alaskan people understood the sacrifice she had made and why she made it.

We saw shades of the Bialek script as Sarah was alleged to be a shill for her daughter Bristol by pretending that she gave birth to baby Trig, when in reality, her daughter Bristol is Trig’s real mother. We saw a scene from the current Herman Cain accusations when her husband was alleged to be having an affair.

So you see, we’ve seen Bialek before in many different incarnations, but ultimately, it always includes salacious sexual improprieties. They attack with the sole purpose of destroying the individual, and the attacks are always aimed at conservatives.

Sarah Palin and Nikki Haley were threats to liberals because they’re very attractive, extremely bright, accomplished women with wonderfully loving, supportive families who, in turn, love their husbands and children, are pro-life, pro-faith, and pro-Constitution of the United States. Heaven forbid that young girls would aspire to emulate them. Heaven forbid that young girls would view them as role models.

In the case of Herman Cain, it is simple. He threatens the plantation mentality. He threatens the racial matrix that says, if you are black you can’t succeed unless you subscribe to racial-centrism that accuses whites – conservative whites in particular – for all of your ills, both past and present.

And even more frightening to those responsible for the Bialek script, Herman is not just a threat to Romney’s presidential aspirations, he is a threat to the Republican hierarchy and their good ol’ boys club because he represents tea-party people and true conservatives. A Cain victory would empower the American people in a way that the Republican hierarchy cannot abide and the Democratic Party cannot survive.

Yes, we’ve seen Bialek before. We’ve seen her type every time there’s a candidate who threatens the acceptable political establishment. And we’ll continue to see her types until we, the people, stand up to those responsible for practicing this kind of politics. Clarence Thomas, Nikki Haley and Sarah Palin survived, despite the attacks. I say it is incumbent upon us to ensure that Herman Cain does the same.

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