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A helping hand or a banana peel underfoot?

One of the cherished freedoms we have in America is the freedom to choose.

When it comes to shopping, you have the freedom to choose American-made products, or you can choose imported products. However, with that choice, you also are choosing either to contribute to a better America or contribute to our economy’s downward slide.

With America’s unemployment rate hovering around nine percent, we can either choose to buy products made in America that have the potential to bring that unemployment rate down and put Americans back to work, or we can choose imports that will send America’s wealth outside the country and support workers in foreign countries who pay no taxes to this country.

One thing is for sure; when it comes to the ability to buy American, awareness is the key. We can have the greatest intentions in the world, but if we aren’t aware of how actually to find and buy American products, our honorable intentions may be somewhat muted.

Fortunately there is a new e-commerce site that sells only American-made products, and it’s appropriately called www.ChooseMadeInUSA.com.

At www.ChooseMadeInUSA.com, Americans are given back their freedom of choice to support American entrepreneurs who have exercised their own right to take a risk on behalf of making a better American economy by hiring and employing American workers instead of workers in foreign countries, which will keep American dollars in America where they should stay.

The all-American www.ChooseMadeInUSA.com website was launched on Veterans Day, and features many American-made items in several categories including patriotic products, holiday items, books, clothing, products for the home, office products, sports/outdoors, and toys.

It’s especially fitting this new e-commerce site was launched on Veteran’s Day, because all patriotic Americans proudly fly the American flag on this important holiday. But should we only fly the American flag on patriotic holidays?

At www.ChooseMadeInUSA.com, you’ll find several products to display your patriotism every day of the year, including American-made American flags in several sizes, as well as various state flags, POW-MIA flags, Marine Corps flags, Navy flags, Air Force flags, and “Don’t Tread on Me” flags.

You’ll even find other patriotic items like “Support Our Troops” yard signs, and Liberty & Justice Christmas cards to show your loved ones that when you’re thinking about them at Christmas, you’re also thinking about the greatness of America at the same time.

At www.ChooseMadeInUSA.com, they have developed a platform that gives the American entrepreneur the opportunity to sell the products to the American marketplace. Whether you build a birdhouse in your garage, or you’re a clothing manufacture with 1,000 employees, you will no longer be blocked out of the American marketplace by the buying practices of the big box stores focusing on the largest profits through purchasing imports. At www.ChooseMadeInUSA.com, they believe in America and the thought that a strong America will also promote a strong and free world.

At www.ChooseMadeInUSA.com, they also believe in an essential “people-led economic recovery.” Any economist will tell you two-thirds of economic activity is comprised of consumer spending. Americans can only be as affluent as consumers as they are wage-earners.

So let’s support American wage-earners by spending our dollars on American goods. We only vote once every two or four years at the polls, but we vote very single day with our wallet, credit cards, or pocketbooks at the stores or on the Internet.

These days, it’s increasingly easier and more-popular to order on the Internet. And with www.ChooseMadeInUSA.com, you’re guaranteed to find only American-made products, which is certainly not the case if you’re planning to drive from store to store all over town at $3.50 per gallon of gas or more.

So when you choose to exercise some of America’s cherished freedoms this Christmas, make sure you consider exercising your freedom to support American workers, American wages, and America jobs and prosperity. Choose made-in-USA products when you do your holiday shopping and even into the New Year.

By buying American at patriotic sites like www.ChooseMadeInUSA.com, you’ll ensure there will always be American left to buy.